5 Merits of Utilizing VoIP for Small and Mid-size Enterprises?

5 Merits of Utilizing VoIP for Small and Mid-size Enterprises?

5 Merits of Utilizing VoIP for Small and Mid-size Enterprises?

Small and medium-sized companies account for more than 70% of employment worldwide and the staggering fact is, they collectively account for 50% of the world’s GDP. While many companies shifting to VoIP-based communication systems, it is indeed truly beneficial for the MSMEs at the current juncture.

The ILO SCORE Global Covid-19 Enterprise Survey conducted in 2020 has some shocking results. The survey was conducted by over 1000 companies across 8 different countries. Out of the companies surveyed, nearly 700 companies have to shut down and 50% of the remaining companies closed down temporarily. While the reasons can be many and the prominent bucket is the financial constraints that the companies had. Most of them did not have a backup plan to recover from the loss. More importantly, the expenses that they incurred during this period led to their losses in their respective ventures.

Surprisingly, most of the organizations did not have a solid communication base and they all widely used the traditional telephonic system. While we may call it a higher expenditure and quote it as a reason for the dearth in cash flow, there is much more than VoIP for Business system could have done even after the 1st wave. The basic problem with the MSMEs is, most of them did not transform themselves completely into digital networking. Also, even if they had, they have been operating partially and once the disaster struck, they were not able to recover from the same. Of course, this could have been in their disaster recovery plan, but seldom do MSMEs employ such teams.

But even now, the small and mid-sized companies can sprout once again. For those who have been looking for ways to increase investment plans, they can very well reduce the cost by installing VoIP-based systems at the office. The best part is, you do not need office space for installing the server too. Yes, you can very well opt for the cloud server option and DBSL’s cloud offering has got all that you require to run a business successfully. This article shall help you realize the merits of using VoIP connection at the office, predominantly if you are a part of MSMEs, this article is for you. We have dissected a few industry niches and given the merits. However, such merits hold good for any industry category you fall in as well.

Retail Business

Many retail stores suffered the loss in the past two years. The major impact that the VoIP-based system can offer is business continuity. Yes, if you are a retail business owner, the major step towards business sustainability is to go digital and operate through your e-commerce website of yours. If that is sounding too expensive for you, online order or phone order and delivery can be your option. Understand, the best way to improve your business from where it is now is to increase the customer base. For any retail business, the best way to accomplish that is by reaching out to the customers.

voip helps in retail enterprizes

Merit I: VoIP is that technology that can help you operate with multiple phone lines. That means to say, if a customer is calling you over the number advertised to reach you, the customer need not be on hold. The technology automatically redirects the call to the virtual phone line that is free. In this way, a customer is not kept on hold, at the same time, prompt order taking and delivery process can begin instantly.

All you need is a VoIP connection through the cloud server and an IP telephony. A few plans in DBSL’s cloud offering shall get you the handsets too. But the cost-effective one can be Grandstream GXP1615. This can support 1 phone line with a maximum of 2 call appearances. You can also connect with 3 people for an audio conference too. At the same time, if you are looking for a single handset supporting multiple phone lines then opt for Grandstream GXP2140.



This is one industry where there are constant calls and appointments through various modes. If you have multiple devices to operate different communication channels, it is going to be taxing and also ineffective in customer service. Patient care comes with instant support and this can happen only when you have someone attending to the customer immediately. There are instances where customers shall seek an appointment, a few may want emergency services, like an ambulance, a few may call for inquiry as well. But handling all at once is easily possible with the help of VoIP technology.

voip helps in healthcare industry


Merit II: With the help of VoIP technology, you can create a unified system for all communication channels. Many IP devices can be integrated and offer instant support to your patients at a rapid pace. With the help of VoIP, you can connect the telephone service, chat, conferencing (video and audio), instant messaging system, email, and fax as well. This integrated system can help you attend to all the customers without missing out on any. At the same time, the quality of support shall be incredible as there is no chaos with multiple channel support.

Merit III: This integration shall help you collaborate the phone lines to one hub if you have multiple outlets. That means to say, if you have different outlets in different locations, a central hub for taking appointments and serving the customers through a phone call can happen seamlessly. Further, most of the appointments these days are online consultations. In such cases, the video conferencing facility is also available with the IP-based telephonic system.

For example, Grandstream GXW4216 offers to connect 48 different IP devices. This is the perfect device for your healthcare center to connect multiple devices within a location or in multiple locations too. It directly connects to the IP PBX system. Interestingly, you can establish this connection with the existing analog telephone systems too. With excellent voice quality, Grandstream GXW4216 is the most sought-after device these days.

Educational Institutions

This is one of the business sectors that was widely affected in the past 700 days. Most of the teaching had started happening online and the major trouble with the teachers is they were not equipped with advanced devices to facilitate the classes effectively. Further, the classes got disturbed and the reactions of the parents were not polite as they had to pay the fees for their wards to study. This can be easily avoided with VoIP as it helps your staff to be flexible. They can teach from anywhere as the device shall help stream high-quality video and conferencing can be of top-class quality too.

voip helps in educational institutions

Merit IV: The major problem with the online classes is the disturbance and interruptions. It is mainly due to internet bandwidth. With VoIP, this can be set right and the interesting news for you is, there can be zero downtime with the communication system. As the entire system works with high-speed internet, the quality of voice and video shall be excellent too. With low to no interruptions, the classes can go on without any hassle.

Merit V: The infrastructure required to set up a VoIP connection is very little in investment too. This makes it the best choice for small and medium-sized companies to opt for VoIP technology.

Using the VoIP phone systems for small business like Grandstream GVC3202, an excellent conferencing device helps in seamless streaming of the live class. The SIP-based IP video talk platform is extremely flexible and easy to use the device. All you have to do is to plug and play. The best part is, the technology of this device is based on Android 4.4, which allows you to access any video conferencing app available in the Playstore as well.

With all the merits seen, one must realize that a VoIP-based communication system is a cost-effective option and it highly helps in business continuity. The expansion of the company is also possible allowing you to expand your business globally. This shall give you a new impetus to broaden your horizon for your business.

Disaster can be of any type. It can be internal or external. But having a plan to combat the same is imperative for any business to survive. Consumer behavior has already shifted to online transactions for most of their needs. One of the Disaster recovery plans is to keep multiple plans to enhance communication channels that can operate even without the help of an agent. The auto-attendant feature in the handsets is an excellent way to keep your customer engaged and you can serve them promptly without annoying them. If you are planning to set up a comprehensive telephone system at the office, then it must be through VoIP technology.

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