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VoIP Phone systems are very simple, efficient and cost effective to use.
For Voip Phones to work, the basic requirement is to have a broadband.

Here is what the simplest VoIP connection looks like

It is really that simple!

Once your broadband is in place, order your Voip phones
1. You can run your business from home or office or abroad
2. Add new phones as your business grows
3. Easily hold and transfer your calls with each other
4. No onsite maintenance charges
5. Your number moves with you
6. Extremely cheaper than separate analog lines


  • DBSVoIP is on a 30 days rolling contract when you buy the handsets upfront.
  • DBSVoIP is on a 36 months fixed contract when you lease the handsets. At the end of the term, you retain the handsets.
  • Fibre broadband is always recommended for VoIP
  • If you are less than 5 users with not so heavy internet usage, it can also work just fine with ADSL broadband

Transform your business with DBSVoIP

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