How Technology Affects Business Performance

Businesses all around the world look for ways to cut down on costs in various ways. Of course, the pandemic had curtailed the performance of the businesses in the beginning, but picked rigour when a few strategies were implemented. Door to door delivery, online business transactions and work from home paved the way for successes in many categories of industries lately. However, the major hurdle right now is the cost of technology being used. While the application development companies and [...]

Top Tips to Time Management While You Work From Home

Work from home would have become a routine for many of the employees. While this was pretty new in 2020, it has become a trend for many in recent times. In fact, organizations have inclined to remote working methodology to cut down on cost factor too. If you are an employee and working remotely for an organization, please read through this blog to fair well during this stint. As such, most of the companies have incorporated performance planning even [...]

Internet Phones and Businesses – Is it a Good Combination for Success?

Modern businesses require a global communication system to stay ahead of the competition these days. With most of the functionalities turning digital, the need for a comprehensive communication system becomes inevitable. At the same time, the new business owners and the existing ones focus on cost reduction factors to survive this pandemic tide too. The finance factor is indeed affecting most of the processes as the cost incurred earlier by the processes do not function appropriately without proper investment. The [...]

Top Facts about VoIP That You Cannot Ignore

A lot of information is on the web proclaiming the benefits of VoIP and the reasons why businesses must opt for it. While it is informative and interesting to read, using the business cases to get clinical observations on the same shall prove authenticity. BT is indeed shutting down by 2025, this is one of the reasons, many organisations are opting for VoIP as it is of reduced price and more effective than any other traditional communication system. Also, [...]

Why are Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Opting for VoIP Services?

It is staggering to note that the increase in VoIP for businesses has increased drastically over the years. In fact, in the 8 year period from 2010 and 2018, the raise has been huge and reached the 41 Million mark in the US alone. Moreover, there is a steady increase after that making most of the organisations replace the traditional phone lines. This being said, the surge can be seen with the small and medium-sized companies opting for VoIP services. [...]

Why Businesses are Shifting to VoIP Services in recent times?

Growing competition in businesses requires a lot of strategies to be made. The tactics undergo a massive change in a short time too. For an organization to sustain the challenges, consistent cash flow and a seamless communication system help a lot. The former plays a vital role in many aspects of the business while there are challenges to be overcome. Consistent cash flow can also be achieved by many cost-saving measures. With growing economic troubles, the businesses are not inclined [...]

Integrating VoIP with Business Applications – Is it beneficial?

Businesses are looking to accomplish a lot with fewer resources. And this has been the strategy right from the beginning. While this is not a wrong idea, but what aspects you need to compromise matters a lot at this juncture. One of the wise options is to shift from traditional telephony systems to VoIP. With British Telecom set to shut down by 2025, it is indeed a wise idea to shift base to IP based communication systems. DBSL is [...]

How Can You Support Your Employees Working From Home?

With pandemic ripping havoc in many businesses, many of them had sustained the tide. Many strategies were put in place to adjust to the new normal. In fact, everyone working from home and employee loyalty has made the organisations stay strong even during the tough times. On the other hand, as an employer what can you do to support your employees. Especially, when they are working remote and are devoid of doing a lot of things that they could [...]

Why do Businesses opt for VoIP Services?

If any business is looking for low-cost business calls, then VoIP services are the only possible option these days. One must also not deny the fact that VoIP is the most effective means of communication too. Voice over Internet Protocol has swept the market these days as it has major benefits for businesses other than the finance front. Not many people are not aware of this fact. This blog shall help you understand the top reasons why many businesses [...]

Why is it a Good Idea to Use Call Centre Software?

Call Centre businesses are constantly lookout for ways to reduce costs. A lot of support systems require a change and that can bring cost under control too. However, the primary aspect of a call centre can be completely changed to offer better rewards than any of the cost-cutting measures. In fact, the measures taken to replace the calling systems can not only offer monetary benefits but also gives a competitive edge in the marketplace. The best Call centre solutions [...]

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