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5 Merits of Utilizing VoIP for Small and Mid-size Enterprises?

Small and medium-sized companies account for more than 70% of employment worldwide and the staggering fact is, they collectively account for 50% of the world’s GDP. While many companies shifting to VoIP-based communication systems, it is indeed truly beneficial for the MSMEs at the current juncture. The ILO SCORE Global Covid-19 Enterprise Survey conducted in 2020 has some shocking results. The survey was conducted by over 1000 companies across 8 different countries. Out of the companies surveyed, nearly 700 companies [...]

voip services for business performance

How Switching to VoIP Services can Improve Your Business Performances?

It is the era of high speed and high bandwidth internet connection. Digital networking technology conveniently replaces analog phone lines making it all the more effective than any other means of communication. Of course, VoIP Services have helped many companies cut down on costs and also add immense value to their business as well. There is no such industry niche that exists that cannot use the VoIP connection these days. Let us take a look at a few staggering numbers [...]

Top Benefits of Opting for VoIP for Your Business

Businesses of any niche are indeed looking for comprehensive communication systems. In fact, it is the need of the hour as the cost of telephone systems are soaring high. You can be in any business, but with the agenda of cutting down on costs when you have an incredible option to do so, you can definitely not ignore it. In the same way, VoIP is serving to be the best in this regard and the concept is well accepted [...]

How do Hospitals and Medical Centres Benefit from VoIP Services?

It is ideally difficult to run the day to day operations at a medical centre or even an individual medical practice using the traditional telephonic system. The hard lines have nothing but problems and more importantly incur a lot of costs. Be it the installation or the monthly expense, it is indeed expensive. With pandemics ripping havoc all around the globe, it is ideal for every medical centre to look out for cost-reducing methods to sustain their business in [...]

VoIP Services for Digital Marketing Teams

Organizations all over the world are choosing VoIP over conventional telephony systems as their mode of communication, both internally as well as externally. This might be mainly because of the cost factor, several other reasons aid the organization development too. In fact, the companies have started noticing the same over time. Especially, the marketing team is highly benefited through IP based communication systems. if you are a business owner and looking to add strength to your marketing department, then [...]

GP Surgery and VoIP Services – A Fabulous Combination to Success

Online appointments, digital consultation is the trend and technology has paved way for the medical services to sore high in these tough times. Of course, the only department in the UK that worked overtime during the pandemic is the medical department. The hospitals, clinics and many medical firms are still working their heart out to support the patients with minimal hassle. The balance between patient monitoring and new patient appointments is always a challenge and now it seems to loom [...]

How Technology Affects Business Performance

Businesses all around the world look for ways to cut down on costs in various ways. Of course, the pandemic had curtailed the performance of the businesses in the beginning, but picked rigour when a few strategies were implemented. Door to door delivery, online business transactions and work from home paved the way for successes in many categories of industries lately. However, the major hurdle right now is the cost of technology being used. While the application development companies and [...]

Top Facts about VoIP That You Cannot Ignore

A lot of information is on the web proclaiming the benefits of VoIP and the reasons why businesses must opt for it. While it is informative and interesting to read, using the business cases to get clinical observations on the same shall prove authenticity. BT is indeed shutting down by 2025, this is one of the reasons, many organisations are opting for VoIP as it is of reduced price and more effective than any other traditional communication system. Also, [...]

Why are Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Opting for VoIP Services?

It is staggering to note that the increase in VoIP for businesses has increased drastically over the years. In fact, in the 8 year period from 2010 and 2018, the raise has been huge and reached the 41 Million mark in the US alone. Moreover, there is a steady increase after that making most of the organisations replace the traditional phone lines. This being said, the surge can be seen with the small and medium-sized companies opting for VoIP services. [...]

Why Businesses are Shifting to VoIP Services in recent times?

Growing competition in businesses requires a lot of strategies to be made. The tactics undergo a massive change in a short time too. For an organization to sustain the challenges, consistent cash flow and a seamless communication system help a lot. The former plays a vital role in many aspects of the business while there are challenges to be overcome. Consistent cash flow can also be achieved by many cost-saving measures. With growing economic troubles, the businesses are not inclined [...]