Sub-Let Tenancy Agreement

THIS TENANCY AGREEMENT is made on the for a period of 3 months starting and ending . This tenancy does not include the right to park in the car park. (A separate licence is granted for use of the car park)


  • DESTINY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED of Unit 20, Boardman House, 64 Broadway, Stratford, E15 1NT (company number 07502448) (The Landlord) and
  • , (Company number: ) (The Tenant)
  1. Interpretation

Words appearing in this Agreement have the following meaning:

Office 20, Ground Floor, Boardman House, 64 Broadway. Stratford, London E15 1NT including only the internal surfacing materials and finishes on the walls floors and ceilings but excluding all load bearing and exterior walls

Boardman House, 64 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 1NT

£275.00 per month including VAT in advance on the 1st of each month.

The Landlord is entitled to review the rent annually on the anniversary of this agreement on giving the Tenant two months advance notice in writing. The review shall only be implemented if new rent is greater than the current rent and in no circumstances shall the rent payable following the review be less than the rent currently being paid by the Tenant.

The rent review shall in the first instance be agreed by the Landlord and the Tenant or their respective surveyors. If no agreement shall have been reached between the parties within three months of the Landlords Notice then the matter shall be referred to an Independent Valuer (who shall have not less than ten years substantial experience in letting and valuation of premises) to be appointed at the option of the Landlord to act as an independent expert.

Independents Valuers determination shall be final and binding on both parties and his/her cost and expenses shall be borne as he/she may determine or otherwise equally.

Service Charge                is included in the rent. However the Landlord shall be entitled to an annual

increase in accordance with RPI index for increase in the cost of the following:

Gas, Electricity, Water, Insurance, Security and Cleaning Services.

Deposit                  A deposit of £275including VAT is payable on signing this agreement

Direct Debit            The tenant agrees to pay by Direct Debit/Standing Order.

The tenant agrees to pay a monthly fee of £50.00 plus VAT administration charge if rent is paid by any other means.

Insurance                    The tenant will be responsible for insuring their own contents; the Landlord is

responsible for insurance of the building at Boardman House in which the Premises are situate

Permitted Use          For Office use (B1)

Business Hours       09.00 am to 18.00 pm Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding bank and public holidays

provided that the Tenant may occupy the Premises for the purposes of its business during hours outside the normal Business Hours subject to ensuring that the security staff of Boardman House are aware of the presence of the Tenant and/or the Tenant's employees.

The Tenancy             The Tenancy granted by this Agreement


Broadband               Cost of broadband is included in the monthly rent

Telephone                VoIP Telephone service will be provided for free as a part of service agreement. However the
                                tenant is liable to pay towards the DID cost, handset and call charges if any.

Fax & Copying:            Available at additional charge

  1. Tenancy

The duration of this contract is for a period of 3 (three) months, thereafter renewable by mutual agreement. The Landlord lets and the Tenant rents the Property from, beginning on the date of this Agreement.

The Landlord and The Tenant acknowledge that this Agreement is terminable any time by either party giving the other one month's advance notice in writing.

  1. The Tenant's Obligations

The Tenant covenants:

  • Rent and Outgoings :

The Tenant will pay the rent immediately it falls due without any deduction or set off and by Direct Debit.

  • Repair etc.

To keep the Premises in a good tenantable state (fair wear and tear excepted), and to make good any damage caused to the Premises.

  • Alterations

Not to make any alterations or additions whatsoever to the Premises other than any fitting out works the Landlord has approved in writing.

  • Use

To only use the Premises for the Permitted Use.

  • Nuisance

Not to cause any nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord or to any adjoining owners or occupiers.

  • Alienation

Not assign, underlet, part with the possession or otherwise dispose of the Premises or any part of the Premises.

  • Occupation

Not to permit the Premises or any part of the Property to be occupied by any person other than the Tenant and the Tenant's employees, contractors and training students.

  • Entry by the Landlord

To allow the Landlord and all persons authorised by the Landlord to enter the Premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of cleaning and upon not less than 24 hours' notice ascertaining whether the terms of this Agreement have been complied with.

  • Insurance

Not to act in any way which may result in the Property's insurance's becoming void or voidable or in any way which may result in the insurance premiums being increased.

  1. Landlords Obligations

The Landlord covenants:

(1)                                                      Cleaning and Repair

To keep the Premises and common parts of the Property in good repair and tenantable condition

  • Services

To use all reasonable endeavours to make available at all times, heating lighting, hot water, toilets and lift service.

  • To pay Business Rates and Water rates that may be chargeable on the Property
  • Insurance To maintain buildings insurance against all usual risks in respect of the Property.
  1. General

(1)       This Tenancy is personal to the Tenant and it cannot be transferred.

(2) In the event that Rent or the monthly charges are not paid within seven days of the due date then the

Tenant shall pay interest on the amount due at a daily rate equivalent to 4% a year over the base rate for the time being of Lloyds TSB Bank plc.

(3)                                   The Landlord is entitled to forfeit the Tenancy by entering any part of the Premises whenever

the Tenant:

  • is twenty -one days late in paying any rent ,even if it was not formally demanded
  • has not complied with any obligation in this Tenancy

(4)                        The forfeiture of this Tenancy does not cancel any outstanding obligation which the Tenant

owes the Landlord

(5)                                                                        Where the Landlord or the Tenant comprises more than one person the obligations and

liabilities of that party under this Agreement are joint and several obligations.

Signed on 01/01/1970 12:00AM
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