Bulk SMS

DBSSMS – Bulk SMS Messaging

DBSSMS - Bulk SMS Messaging

SMS Application Features

  • SMS Marketing By Your Company Name
  • Web Based Application
  • Phonebook-Can store contacts as well as Manage Contacts in Groups
  • User can be able to send Single or Bulk SMS
  • User can send Bulk SMS from any computer just having Internet Browser
  • Integration Facility in your Existing Web/Desktop Based Applications
  • View Messages History & Delivery Report
  • View Credits Information

Detailed Features

DBS SMS Marketing’s web portal provides instant access to a cost effective SMS messaging application with worldwide GSM operator coverage, enabling fast and reliable delivery of branded messages to wireless devices around the world. No programming is required. There are no setup costs or monthly fees.

Real-Time Message Delivery Confirmation

When sending SMS messages through our server you can request a delivery confirmation report. Once the messages are delivered, the system will automatically compile a report detailing the messages were successfully delivered.

Real-Time Account Balance and Credit Purchasing Facility

We Offer a real-time account balance system ensures you stay within budget and easily manage your SMS credit account. Instant viewing of your SMS credits balance and provides simple, online purchasing of credits.

Online Account Access

We are online, 24 hours a day, 7 days week – ensuring you can access your account whenever, wherever you need to.

Message History

A record of every message sent from your account is stored in your account information, enabling you to search for specific messages by number of messages sent, mobile number, or by date.

Sender ID or Originator ID (sender address manipulation)

With almost all DBS SMS Marketing’s applications, you can set the ‘from’ field of the message with 11 Alphanumeric characters. This will display as the sender address, which will replace the ‘from’ number that is typically displayed when a message arrives on a handset. The sender ID functionality is not available on all networks, and should be tested prior to sending it as such. Some handsets also do not accept messages with non-numeric ‘from’ addresses. The limit to numeric sender ID’s is 16 characters (numbers only).

Unicode SMS (Foreign Characters, etc)

In order to send foreign or non-standard characters such as Arabic SMS etc, you need to send the message in Unicode. If you have an application that already sends Unicode, you can simply send the message through DBS SMS Marketing’s SMS Gateway with one of our API’s.

Sending SMS using Unicode has certain constraints, such as the message length that is shorter than with 7-bit (160 text) or 8-bit (binary, EMS, Logos etc). The character limitation for a Unicode message is 69. For more info on unicode, see www.unicode.org.

SMS Concatenation

According to GSM standards, SMS messages may only be 160 characters in length. You can, however, split a longer message across multiple SMS messages. SMS concatenation is also used when sending logos and ringtones, meaning that your logo may cost more than one message credit to send to a recipient, depending on the length of the binary SMS that is created for the delivery of the message. The required number of credits is shown when any file is converted using DBS SMS Marketing’s converters.

Two-Way SMS Messaging

DBS SMS Marketing offers bidirectional (two-way) messaging to selected global destinations. This will allow you to rapidly deploy two-way SMS applications in conjunction with DBS SMS Marketing’s mobile termination (MT) services.

Integration with DBS SMS Marketing for bidirectional SMS services is simple, and incoming messages can be routed to your application via HTTP, FTP or SMPP protocols. This means that incoming messages (MO messages) can be managed by your own software or database, giving you full flexibility.