GP Surgery and VoIP Services – A Fabulous Combination to Success

GP Surgery and VoIP Services – A Fabulous Combination to Success

GP Surgery and VoIP Services – A Fabulous Combination to Success

Online appointments, digital consultation is the trend and technology has paved way for the medical services to sore high in these tough times. Of course, the only department in the UK that worked overtime during the pandemic is the medical department. The hospitals, clinics and many medical firms are still working their heart out to support the patients with minimal hassle.

The balance between patient monitoring and new patient appointments is always a challenge and now it seems to loom large. With most of the patients looking for online consultation, the number of in house patient count has also increased. Interestingly, the hospitals and clinics that use VoIP services have stood tall and went past the tide comfortably. How does VoIP help medical centres to perform well? How the patients are get benefitted from VoIP services? This blog shall help you understand the clinical information behind it. Read through the blog to know more interesting information about this combination – VoIP and Medical Centers.

Converts Multiple Communication Channel to a Unified Network

This is a major factor that impacts the quality of service and ease of mobility in a hospital. As a medical centre, there are several departments, most of them rely on the communication system. Taking the patient appointment system into consideration, the call desk shall be the prime one. As a patient calls for an appointment, the call desk agent takes the appointment and logs it in the hospital portal. The required doctors shall be connected to attend to the patient too.

Some hospitals have mobile applications or websites to book an appointment too. This has a separate desk to handle the same. Such appointments get merged finally and the patient consulting sheet is prepared. This process is indeed complex. Imagine, if there is a system that unifies the calls and the app appointments to merge at the beginning itself and the concerned doctor is notified of the same instantly. The doctor makes himself/ herself available at the right time.

Moreover, most of the patients look to speak to someone for fixing an appointment. This calling service is an integrated one and works completely on the internet. Interestingly, the VoIP services do not have downtime because of their technology. That means to say, the patients can get connected to the medical centre without any hassle. Even if the call is on the second line, the IVR shall direct them to reach out to the next available agent. This is a cost-effective move too. All the services, like phone calls, video calls, digital appointments and consultation shall happen under one network.

Create Multiple Phone Numbers

As a medical centre, the patients must be attended to instantly. 2 or 3 phone numbers and the patients waiting on call for a long time does not serve the purpose. VoIP shall help you create multiple phone numbers and the patients can seamlessly get connected to an agent and that too instantly. Moreover, these numbers can be a local call for the patients irrespective of the geographic location. That means to say, the customers have a delightful experience and do not have to spend anything extra even if they call from an international number.

There are different types of VoIP connections; Cloud and hosted. You may choose to have your connection and leave the rest to the service provider to set things right even at times of difficulty. Of course, any technical glitch can be solved within seconds and thus offering an excellent customer experience to the patients. Increase your retention rates and acquisition rates with VoIP services.


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