How Switching to VoIP Services can Improve Your Business Performances?

How Switching to VoIP Services can Improve Your Business Performances?

voip services for business performance

How Switching to VoIP Services can Improve Your Business Performances?

It is the era of high speed and high bandwidth internet connection. Digital networking technology conveniently replaces analog phone lines making it all the more effective than any other means of communication. Of course, VoIP Services have helped many companies cut down on costs and also add immense value to their business as well. There is no such industry niche that exists that cannot use the VoIP connection these days.

Let us take a look at a few staggering numbers for us to move ahead

  1. Any business can reduce the call expense by up to 40%. Now, this is just the local call expense that one would have incurred using the traditional telephone lines for business communication
  2. Interestingly, the international call expense is reduced by 90%

While we talk only about the finance factor, the VoIP service providers shall also notify that customer service can reach its best level of support. Incidentally, a customer need not wait on hold for a long time as there can be multiple phone lines with just one connection. The increase in hold time while the customer reaches out to you, definitely annoys them costing your business a great deal.


Integrated applications with the existing telephone network are also possible. VoIP telecommunication systems help reduce a lot of clutter at hotels and hospitals. With too many calls and other communications, every customer needs to be attended to with equal care. This can happen only with the help of an organized workforce and task listings. The analytics that the CDR can offer teaches a lot of things about the business.

As VoIP services come in two versions, on-premise and cloud, scalability is highly possible. Especially, if your staff count increases or you might have different hotels at different locations, you can increase the number of virtual phone extensions over a call.

Adoption of VoIP Services – A Constant Surge

VoIP technology is widespread and most businesses of any size have started shifting their phone lines from a conventional ones to an IP-based telephony system. While some industries enjoy the benefit of free calls internally, many businesses thrive mainly due to their nature of business. We shall see a few industry niches that can be highly benefitted from using VoIP Services in UK.

Of course, if your business needs a lot of local as well as international calls to be made, you are sure to be benefited because of low call rates. But, there is a lot more to it and you will get to know as you read through this column.

voip services

Hospitality Industry/ Sector

VoIP can help the hospitality industry in setting up the most flexible way of communication. Interestingly, the entire hotel can be brought under one system and one device. Imagine, numerous hotel staff’s tasks and guests’ stay information can be tracked using just one IP device. The nature of the industry makes the staff receive several phone calls, messages, and emails and all of these can happen all at once. If there are different devices for different purposes your staff’s never-ending job is to answer the query of the customer. And, you may need a separate team to carry out the orders as well. The increase in manpower increases cost. With DBSL Grandstream UCM, you can enjoy seamless communication and subsequently track the performance and tasks as well.

voip services for Hospitality Industry/ Sector

Notably, an entire hotel with more than 100 hotel rooms can be connected to all the hotel staff for excellent service with the help of VoIP technology. And this is made possible with DBSL’s grandstream UCM that supports PSTN as well as SIP. Like other services, this does not have a cost per-user license as well. Also, features like CDR, call recording, call monitoring are possible with incredible ease. Interestingly, all the features in the Grandstream UCM come with one price package. That means to say, there is no extra cost for the features you require. All you need to do is, a voice out your requirement and you shall have it deployed by the service professionals of DBSL.

VoIP for the hospitality industry shall help in

  1. Dialing extension numbers to reach out to a specific department or even a room
  2. The auto-attendant facility shall help route the call to the right department
  3. Hold music to keep the customer in the pipeline shall be a good marketing tactic too

The integrated dual-band IP HD video Phone can work with 16 SIP or virtual phone lines can help you in this regard. In fact, you can connect with multiple locations using audio conferencing as well as video conferencing features from the same Phone device.

With call monitoring services, the authorities can gauge the performance of the staff and nullify bad behavior. As VoIP service Providers help set up the communication system with a call recording feature, you can now listen to the entire call and offer feedback to the personnel too.

You can also avail yearly maintenance package for Grandsteam UCM at a highly reduced price as well. You can also opt for hourly maintenance services. This shall help the system function without any interruption. Grandstream UCM PBX comes with 10 handsets at a very low price these days.

The hospitality industry’s business performance can be enhanced as you monitor the operation on a real-time basis. At the same time, the mobility and flexibility of the technology make it highly productive for the employee. And you can achieve this with optimal manpower too.

Finance Industry/ Sector

Finance institutions like any other industry have largely benefited from VoIP. Especially, if the business has offices in different locations, you can have a virtual extension to connect with the office staff anytime. In fact, you can also program the system in such a way as to redirect the customer to the right office or the right department. This is made possible with the help of the DBSL cloud offering. You do not require any on-premise server for this and every functionality is maintained overcloud.

With high-speed internet, the service professionals in the finance industries can get connected using Video conferencing all the time. Moreover, the cloud-based VoIP service helps your staff to use the business phone on the go as well. This helps increase productivity thus more revenue margin for the fiscal.

voip services for Finance Industry/ Sector

The excellent part of a cloud-based VoIP Business communication system is, your employees can use the IP-based desk phones while at the office and also carry WiFi-based phones as they travel. Your staff can use the wireless phones with DECT/Wifi Systems.  Additionally, the IVR system shall help assist in routing the customer calls too.

The premium pricing of the DBSL cloud offering is pretty much cost-effective, it is widely accepted due to its feature-rich aspect. Many industries like the ones discussed above and others have benefited from the advancement of technology. Sales and marketing can be immensely improved with the help of VoIP Services. This in turn increases the business performance, resulting in increased revenue every year.


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