How VoIP is revamping customer Experience for Business, Successful Stories

How VoIP is revamping customer Experience for Business, Successful Stories – Learn More

VoIP for small business

How VoIP is revamping customer Experience for Business, Successful Stories – Learn More

In this digital age, customer interaction is imperative for all types of businesses to stay ahead of the competition. With consumer behavior changing frequently, companies are constantly on the lookout for newer technologies and strategies to increase customer engagement. More importantly, the competition that prevails demands businesses to offer excellent products or services to the customers. While this is constant across the industries, the winning edge is in captivating the audience and keeping them engaged with the brand. Also, the existing customer base needs to have a better customer experience that shall allow them to stay loyal for a longer period.

The innovation and strategies around the product and service being one part of the business, the way it can be established among the audience becomes a prime initiative. This is the area where the businesses constantly focus on. If you are not doing that, it is the right time to do it as one may fail to capture the market share. One of the excellent moves in creating a delectable customer experience is through VoIP. Be it VoIP for small business or large enterprises, the technology offers a great deal of support in this regard and much more. With its excellent capacity to be a flexible and highly scalable model, usage of VoIP has increased in recent times. In fact, the technology was available from 2008, but the surge happened in 2018. The market of VoIP has reached $140 billion in 2021 itself. It is set to rise exponentially. This goes to show how effective VoIP can be for any industry niche.

Interestingly, the cost factor is the major driving force for people to choose VoIP over traditional phone systems. Moreover, conventional phone systems were not offering the services that VoIP is offering to the customer. In fact, most of the services are treated as an additional package, and you are billed separately for the same. That means to say, the operating cost is too high while VoIP gives all the additional services as a package and it comes under one subscription plan. Be it video calling or audio conferencing, fax through emails, or multiple phone numbers, VoIP is a delectable technology that has a blend of high quality and low cost.

Two Major Factors Unveiled For Business Success

Organizations in recent times have discovered two significant factors that govern business success. One of them is well known, but the other was experienced.

  1. Uninterrupted, Comprehensive, and Delightful customer experience
  2. Usage of VoIP to offer the same at a relatively lower cost

While the customer experience can be enhanced with the hard phone lines, the level up to which it is required at the moment, increases the complexity of the system. Be it billing or even the hardware. For example, with one hardline, you can have just one phone number. When that phone number is in use, the number remains engaged. Further, opting for the second line activation for the same phone number is possible, but comes with a cost. At the same time, no one phone number can have a multiple call receiving facility and is restricted to two. On the other hand, one SIP trunk line is enough and the IPPBX phone system like Grandstream UCM6208 offers a centralized network solution to the entire office. You can have multiple phone numbers and enjoy HD quality voice as well as video calls through the same appliance. With Grandstream UCM6208 in place, you can handle calls without a cord as well. You can have the VoIP integrated into your cellphone and go mobile. Be it video conferencing or security surveillance, everything is possible with this one device in your office space.

There are many more reasons for the companies inclined to VoIP for offering the best customer experience. For us to understand the level of support VoIP can offer to the businesses in this regard, let us first understand the customer requirements. As the behavior of the market constantly changes, this portion of the article is written that sets the benchmark for customer excellence. Once we realize the need of the customers, mapping the same with the business action shall make a lot of sense to you. Further, we shall see a few wonderful VoIP products that can support you in this regard. Finally, we shall analyze the way the VoIP solutions can be implemented at your office. We have dealt with this section separately by addressing a few industry sectors. Along the way, you may find some success stories too.

How To Improve Customer Experience For Business Success? – The One Way to Achieve Excellence

Unhappy customers are very costly for your business. It is expensive as they switch to your competitor. It is also expensive because, you had put your effort, energy, and resources to acquire the same earlier. Enhancing customer experience shall have an intense impact on your business growth. Be it revenue or brand establishment elsewhere. We shall take an example to realize the revenue increase with a moderate enhancement in customer experience.

If you are a company that makes $1Billion annual revenue, with decent improvement in customer experience can increase the revenue by 82.3%. That means to say, you can make a revenue increase of $820 Million. Is it not a staggering number that you can fathom? Of course, you may not be a $1Billion company, but 82% raise just by increasing the customer engagement is definitely worth an attempt.

Further, investment towards customer experience is required too. And if it happens through a pretty cost-effective mode, like VoIP Systems for Small Businesses, you must start looking for the VoIP vendor immediately. With less to NO investments towards infrastructure, you can leverage the benefits in a short time.

So, what is a customer looking for from the companies?

  1. Listen To Me – Is there Anyone to Listen

Valuing customer words cannot happen just by sticking banners and flashcards around the office. It must happen in action. Every customer wants the organization to listen. Firstly, they look for a quick response from the customer service. This is a basic need, don’t you think? Or would you want your customer to wait for a very long time in the call queue to talk to a robot?

VoIP based solutions

When we say quick response, the customer must be attended to quickly. When they reach out to you through a phone call and lousy background music will definitely annoy them. Rather, setting up VoIP-based solutions at the office and having a good customer service team shall help you solve this trouble. More importantly, the auto call attendant feature in VoIP as such helps you retain the customer. The call attendant feature is a free service offered to VoIP customers. This shall attend the call and directly transfer the call to the next available agent. This reduces the wait time of the customer and he is happy that someone is going to listen to him.

Grandstream GXW4224 is an excellent VoIP gateway appliance that can connect up to 48 IP devices. One cloud connection and this device can help you have 48 different phone sets for the customers to reach. Further, you can use this device to connect the IP devices within the office premises as well as outside too. Interestingly, an existing analog phone line can also be connected to this to get the digital network established.

  1. Multiple Channel of Communication

Why do you need just one mode for the customer to interact? Customers look to communicate through multiple modes. It can be a phone call, or it can be a text or WhatsApp messaging too. You must interact with the customer through their preferred channel. Create multiple channels for communication and attend to them quickly as said before. Integrate messenger services on your website. If you are planning for a digital marketing campaign, the customers will want to connect and talk to a human. Provide the phone number and address them accordingly. Also, statistics say, more than 85% of the customers’ expectation is to have the conversation through any channel rather seamlessly. So, there must not be any lag in communication. Further, we also understand that attending all the customers at a time during peak hours is also impossible, you may use the chatbot services and direct the customers rightly or engage them while a live agent gets free from another caller.

Voip phone systems

Understanding the psychology of the customers is required here. For simple inquiries like the price of a product, or date of launch (it is just an example, you may think of any simple inquiry as a customer for your business), the customers prefer email interaction or just a text message. Say, for the bank balance, do you call the customer service, or type a message to get the information instantly?

At the same time, for complex issues, they usually prefer a phone call. So, when you are setting strategies for digital marketing, you must be ready with the ideas to incorporate customer engagement as well.

Grandstream DP750 is a very simple VoIP device that acts as a VoIP base station at the office. You can connect the IP handsets and answer the calls. You can connect up to 5 devices and enjoy seamless interaction with the customers. You can also carry the handset and be mobile too. In fact, the 300-meter range is very accommodative for this device. Interestingly, this device can be connected with 10 different SIP accounts too. You can attend to 4 concurrent calls and also establish a 3-way conferencing easily. Call forwarding and transferring is not a difficult task at all. With HTTPS encryption security, this is a fabulous device for small and medium-sized businesses.

  1. Personalize With the Customer

This must begin from the moment we start addressing the customer. There are two types of visitors to your communication channel; an Existing customer and a General user. Both of them need to be attended to carefully and with specific steps. But the benchmark is, to personalize with them. If an already existing customer reaches out to you, it is always good that you have complete information about them. Address them with their issue and also attempt to cross-sell. You can use AI and Big Data for giving some offers to the customers. In fact, the digital marketing campaign can be run in a customized fashion too. All you require is the data and the analytics behind it. At the same time, attending to new users must focus on converting them into loyal customers of yours. Bring the wide range of skills required and use the technology to give them their required answers. Keep them in your database and constantly send them communication concerning the products or the service that you offer.

VoIP Solutions

VoIP is an excellent medium that not only takes care of the communication network but also helps create an incredible interface for digital transformation. The website that you create can be integrated with the VoIP solutions and as soon as the customer clicks on call or chat, it can be connected to the internal communication channel. Such automation is easily possible and you can use it for your convenience to increase customer interaction.

The best part about VoIP is, you can receive Call Data records and perform an analysis over the same. In this digital era, data is of prime importance. Your marketing team shall be more interested in such data to make a lot of well-informed decisions. The data analytics report can be procured in real-time, daily, weekly, or even monthly. Such is the help VoIP solutions can offer to any type of business of any size. If you can relate to the terms said earlier, the surge in organizations using VoIP is not only due to cost factors but also various other elements that were left unexplored prior to 2018.

  1. Surprise Your Customers

This is loved by all, just psychology. You can surprise your customers with offers, discounts, and goodies. All you require is the data and automate the same for giving offers to your existing customers. The integration of VoIP in many aspects shall help you communicate with them effectively. A piece of information with regard to the offer can be sent over an email, text message, or even a phone call. You can also digitize the entire digital marketing campaign and get to see the analytics report of the same. You can make alterations based on the report and strive to get the desired results.

VoIP Products

Remember a happy customer pays even more for the product or the service. But, losing one is never acceptable. It not only costs you money but you are losing the customer to your competitor. One might turn 10 and the number starts increasing exponentially. You cannot afford this to happen.

As we have seen what the customer really wants from you, let us discuss a few delectable VoIP products that shall suit your business requirements. These products are not only less expensive but also offer a great deal of support in increasing your business prospects.

Top VoIP Products That You Can Use For Your Business To Improve Customer Experience

In order for you to understand the need for VoIP products, it is better that we start from the fundamentals. That means to say, the VoIP products need to work in a VoIP environment. DBSL shall help you create one in quick time. Moreover, the installation charges are nil which makes your investment intact. You can use the VoIP connection without much cost spent upfront.

Cloud PBX

VoIP works on the internet. And for that, you require a stable internet connection. This is one of the reasons why VoIP calls are reliable. There is no glitch on the lines and you will enjoy HD quality voice as well as video calls. You have two ways to set up a VoIP environment at the office. One is the cloud base solution and the other is the on-premise server set up. Most of them prefer cloud-based environments for various reasons. But the prime one is, the vendor shall help you in a quick time if there is any problem with the server. As such Cloud PBX acts as the server through which the calls and other services are routed. With a cloud-based system set up, you just have to plug in the VoIP products for calls and access data with the same network. As you know, VoIP offers call services as well as data services through a single network. In case, you are planning to use the same analog lines and still use VoIP, it is also possible. All you need is an adaptor like Grandstream HT_802. This adaptor helps convert the analog signal to digital and offers the same HD quality calls.

Over this Cloud-based system, the VoIP products like IP telephone headsets, VoIP Gateways, and other IP devices can be connected.

Do you know VoIP can also offer security surveillance at the office? Yes, however, let us look at those devices that can offer the best customer experience to the customers.

Grandstream GXW4104

If you are planning to deploy VoIP services at offices without any complexity because of the existing analog communication system, then this must be your pick. Firstly, Grandstream GXW4104 is less priced compared to more advanced VoIP Gateways. In fact, this device can be suitable for businesses of any size. The FXO gateway services offer seamless connectivity with any IP device across the locations. Yes, multiple location connectivity is possible with this. Moreover, this is conducive for both on-premise-based as well as cloud-based VoIP solutions. Though the device includes 4 or 8 ports for connections and up to 100 Mbps, we recommend this for small to medium-sized businesses to enjoy HD quality calls.


  1. Ideal for an environment that has an analog phone connection in place
  2. The easily convertible digital network is its versatility
  3. Low-cost investment and higher ROI


  1. Large enterprises may require multiple devices of this, we recommend advanced gateways that are available with DBSL.

Grandstream GXP1610

A straightforward IP handset for any type of business. One may call it a basic phone, which interestingly has advanced features when compared to an analog phone set. This phone supports one line that means to say, one phone number and has the capacity to handle two call appearances at a time. Further, 3 way audio conferencing is possible too. The device has an LCD screen for easy viewing purposes. Also, the programmable softkeys are the best part of this device. You can in fact customize the soft keys based on your requirements. Grandstream GXP1610 has 10 to 100 Mbps port connectivity that helps you to make and receive HD calls. The security encryption protocol and its high versatility being a basic VoIP phone, this is the must-buy device, especially if you have a small business and looking to improve productivity and offer an amazing customer experience. With 2 call appearance, you will not miss out on the customer interaction too.


  1. Low Cost and highly factored features
  2. Crystal clear voice quality that you might have never experienced before
  3. A user-friendly device with customizable soft keys


  1. Not recommended for businesses if you have a considerable number of customers who tend to call you frequently

Grandstream GAC2500

This is an excellent business conferencing device, highly recommended for software companies. Having said that, there is no reason for other industries to ignore this. Grandstream GAC2500 offers flexibility and mobility to the next level that you would fathom. This device supports 6 SIP lines and you can connect to 6 different phone numbers. With an advanced handset, you can attend to multiple calls and offer a great and complete customer experience to the users. Further, the appliance gives you the access to Google Play store. That means to say, you can download various video calling apps and use them for your client interaction. With booming WFH and competition in the software market, your office requires this to connect with the client or the employees seamlessly. The best part about Grandstream GAC2500, you can use the BlueTooth technology to pair the audio devices and also integrate the same with mobile phones for calls as well as data services. If you are an Android user and looking for 360 degrees VoIP support across the office, this shall be your right pick.


  1. The 7-way conference is possible and you might have never found this feature in any technology so far
  2. The device has a call scheduler as well as a calendar too
  3. You can customize your calling options


  1. Too versatile for small businesses

Apart from this, DBSL offers a wide range of products ranging from extension modules to Webcams. You can use a CCTV camera connected to the centralized network and access the same using your cellphone even from home. Such versatility with the devices and technology makes it the best bid for businesses to grow multifold.

If you are planning to improve on the customer experience, you need an appropriate VoIP solution at the office. The subscription plan defines the versatility of the technology. Though not expensive, the system can be expanded as and when required at zero cost. For example, if you are looking to set up a small calling unit with VoIP for customer service, you can start with 5 callers and go for 5 different phone numbers. As the need arises to increase the phone numbers, you can do so. The best part is, the increase in such cases happens usually in a day maximum. All you need is to inform the vendor and the experts at DBSL shall get it done for you.

As a businessman, one must realize that expansion of business to different parts of the world is not a challenge too. You can retain the same local phone number and extend the lines. This was not possible with the conventional phone system. Further, the international calls that you make are charged even lesser than a local call. Moreover, the call rates and the other services come under a package. So, there is nothing called call rates.

Let us analyze the ways a few industry sectors can use VoIP to Improve customer experience.

Retail Industry: It is always good to have a vision towards offering a delectable customer experience. In order to support the vision, VoIP has a pivotal role to play in this regard. Of course, setting up a calling team and offering customer service is one way. But, let us look at the new-age customer experience strategies. You must focus more on digitizing the store. It does not mean that you must open an e-commerce website and start shipping products. Even if it is going to be a physical store where you require the customers to reach out to you, VoIP can still help you enhance customer interaction. Firstly, connecting the entire system at the office to one network. And take a look at the customer purchase behavior with the help of the analytics report offered by the apps connected to the system. You can make well-informed decisions based on that. Further, capturing the data of the customers as they purchase products, you can tag them in your digital marketing plans. It can be email marketing, SMS, or even a social media Ad campaign, this data can offer them the best experience. For example, getting live feedback from the customers about your store and posting the same on your Facebook page, shall make them feel privileged. Also, this technique shall invite a lot of customers to your store and you can honestly put the feedback. Be it bad, moderate, or even excellent, the digital mode of establishing the feedback receiving technique works wonders. With VoIP, your system can be connected to the internet and you can integrate the same with mobile devices too.

Further, you can also expand your services from a physical store to a hybrid one. Start selling online or through phone calls. Shipping can be done and you can also conveniently track them. In fact, the delivery boys can use the same VoIP connection and can use the phone even on the go. All they require is an internet connection to their phone.

Using the data procured, be in touch with the customers and keep them engaged. If any new product or service is introduced, let them know. You can use email marketing or WhatsApp marketing technique. Versatile digital marketers recommend both and blend it along with social media marketing too. As you expand with multiple stores in the city, you can still be connected to one network and the same phone numbers can be retained. The best part is, your expansion costs you nothing on the VoIP front.

Hospitality Industry: The need for you to transform your business to digital is imperative. The customers no longer believe in just seeing the pictures on the website. Why don’t you incorporate the instant calling method on the website and allow the customers to call or chat with you instantly? Yes, you can do that. You can integrate the calling option on the website and connect the same with the VoIP phones in your office space. The customers can readily call and interact with you. Further, create the best experience by allowing the customers to visit the rooms virtually. Such experiences shall increase the customer conversion rate. Further, integrating the chatbots and AI for instant connection with the customers makes it inevitable with growing competition. Further, the entire calling, as well as data, can be integrated into a unified network. You can also check for the available rooms and make the bookings if the customers call you. Moreover, the customers can make their own reservations and get to know their room numbers from their homes as well. This is the same technique that can be used in hospitals where the patients can book their appointments with the doctors. Further, with online consultation, the doctor can use the VoIP devices to establish a video call and give the best of the services. Hospitals can also think about using IoT and AI to connect the patient with the pharmacy for them to receive their medicines at home itself.

Be it a software industry or a financial institution, the need for VoIP has become definite. With growing costs in other areas, the operational expense while using VoIP is very less. It is always recommended to connect with the VoIP solution provider and explain the requirement. The experts at DBSL offer the right suggestions for the services that you are looking for. And look for a subscription that offers maximum services to improve on customer experience. Once your requirement matches the services, sign for the subscription. You can also opt for monthly, half-yearly, or even annual payment methods. Incidentally, you can make budgeting for your company by keeping the communication cost constant, which was never possible earlier.

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