How you can Enhance Productivity and Generate more Revenue with a Busy Business Operations Routine?

How you can Enhance Productivity & Generate more Revenue with a Busy Business Operations Routine?

VoIP for finance companies

How you can Enhance Productivity & Generate more Revenue with a Busy Business Operations Routine?

Modern businesses are constantly on the lookout for newer technologies. Primarily this hunt is for enhancing productivity and thereby increasing the revenue margin every year. While the technologies are developing day by day, finding a conducive one for your business requirements is still a challenge. At the same time, the newer technologies and their implementation come with a cost. Business experts look at revenue increase from two different angles. One is the organic development of the company by offering diversified products or services to the customers. The other is to reduce the unwanted cost that hampers the revenue for that fiscal. While there are companies who would like to strike a balance between the two as well. Were they successful? Well, this needs deep-dive research on both technological aspects and its implementation.

But the search is over for most of the organizations. The usage of VoIP telephone systems has helped them drastically in increasing productivity levels. Further, the implementation is pretty easy and the cost involved is so less than the earlier incurred expenses on conventional telecommunication systems are used as further investment instruments to enhance their business prospects. While any organization can develop its business with excellent marketing strategies and incredible customer experience, the technology that binds both is VoIP systems. This article shall give a thorough outlook as to how VoIP can help increase employee productivity and business revenue. In this regard, the article is divided into two major parts.

  1. Employee Roles
  2. Industry Sectors

As most organizations have similar departments and resources for critical roles, the first part is of major importance as you will get to see the difference that you can make to your employees by using VoIP. Though the skill sets of the employees differ from department to department, and even between the companies, the roles, and their executing responsibilities have a similar task force. Say, for example, a marketing person has a similar job responsibility to maintain existing accounts with a good amount of loyalty so that they stay for a longer term with the organization. Though the mode of operation might differ, the responsibility remains the same. That means to say, irrespective of workforce capacity, VoIP shall help you bring a great number of productivity differences among the employees. Having said that, you can easily compare the productive levels of employees who use VoIP is more when compared to the ones who still stick to the conventional telephone systems.

The second part of the article deals with Industries that can use VoIP successfully. As such, there is no difference in the results and it is completely industry irrespective. You can be a large-sized company or a small-sized business, you can very well use VoIP and gain maximum benefits that you had not experienced before. At the same time, you can run a retail store or a hospital, you can still make delectable revenue which is definitely more than the previous years. More importantly, the cost reduction in using this technology adds major value to the financial proposition in this process.

Different Employee Roles That Can use VoIP to Increase Productivity

Remote Teams: The current trend is majorly focusing on shifting physical presence to remote teams. While this is the best move towards major cost reduction, there lie many challenges in terms of employee productivity and accountability. Even in the earlier days, on average one day is treated as working from home. In such cases, it is easily seen that there exist communication troubles. Of course, emails and messaging systems play a major role in maintaining synchronization with the core team at the office, VoIP cloud-based phone systems bring reliability in the communication among the team. Instant actions and accountable efforts can happen only through delectable phone systems.

VoIP for remote teams

The teams can use VoIP to connect with the team remotely using a proper internet connection. It is indeed a highly reliable and cost-effective option for companies to think about. If the employee has an appropriate internet connection with a device to connect like a smartphone, it is easy to use. You can have video calls or even conferencing using the system that shall help set up proper communication channels among the team members. There are many benefits

As the remote teams are majorly available for any type of job role, this column is vital for organizations that have offered WFH for their employees.

Benefits of VoIP For the remotely working Teams

  • Unwanted tasks are reduced: This is one of the major reasons why the productivity of an employee gets a hit. An employee is selected for a particular role and is looked for giving the best results on the same. Though perfect job responsibilities are sketched and hired using clinical hiring practices, the employee does not seem to perform at 100%. The reason is, the person needs to complete a lot of unwanted tasks that take a toll on the productivity levels. Say, for example, virtual attendance, filling the task sheet, attending a meeting that can be a secondary aspect other than the job at hand. Such tasks can be easily carried out virtually without even doing them as a task. Your attendance shall be marked as soon as the employee logs in to the official portal. The job task sheet can be automated and it gets filled automatically without any manual effort.

Using Grandstream UCM series shall get this done to achieve maximum productivity. The IP PBX helps in blending both the data, voice as well task-wise listings in such a way that the unwanted tasks are readily reduced. The technology support through the SIP trunk helps in getting the communication system intact with most of the jobs getting automated with the help of mobile apps.

  • Communication becomes Flexible and Cost-Effective: One of the major hassles the organizations faced during mass WFH option is the cost involved in connecting with the teams. As such, employees are scattered when it comes to the location. Connecting everyone to a single forum to conduct a meeting is not only time-consuming but also cumbersome in terms of effort and money. Though one may say that VoIP offers a better return on investment while using the technology, it is to be understood that you must get in touch with DBSL’s professionals to get expert advice. There are subscription plans available that shall help you pay no extra cost for locations. In fact, the service can be used location irrespective and the connection can be seamless throughout. Your employee must have suitable hardware like headphones and a laptop to connect with the team anytime they want. This makes the entire proposition cost-effective. Moreover, DBSL cloud-based systems are highly scalable. Meaning, you can opt for the connection for a few people and increase the number as per the demand. Interestingly, it does not cost you anything.

Further, the connecting modes like video conferencing or even audio conferencing become an inexpensive option when compared to the conventional phone systems. One must also realize that the features like video and audio conferencing is an additional feature with the conventional phone system. It not only takes time to come to effect but it is also charged separately and you have to pay extra for that. On the other hand, Grandstream systems and services offer no license fee subscription for individual users. It comes as a package and all the additional features that were billed separately comes with no cost now.

  • Flexibility in Scheduling Meetings: One of the time-consuming aspects in day to day official work is to set up a meeting with the team. As the people are located in different parts of the country, or even internationally, connecting with them using the local time as a benchmark can be a difficult task. It might be 9 AM at the office for you, but it can be 2 AM somewhere else for your employee not to connect. Of course, VoIP telephone systems offer call transfer or voice mail service for free. But if the employee needs to connect as a critical resource, you can check for their availability from their end and take calls accordingly. The information is readily available for you to schedule meetings for seamless connectivity among the team.
  • Collaborative Work Enhances Productivity: VoIP not only offers an excellent communication system but also gives a robust collaboration platform. This helps the employees save their files on a single platform. Further, this helps in getting the updates without any hassle. This is the best way to work with extreme efficiency and effectiveness. This central hub is easily accessible and people from different time zones for the information and take action accordingly. This avoids unnecessary delay in business operation, hence more productivity than before. Also, the employees need not save such files in the local system and save them in the cloud. This is the greatest advantage for the employees to work with more rigor.
  • Reliable Connection: You can connect the previous pointer to this too. VoIP is the best reliable communication system ever established in the history of the telecommunication system. With the advantage of saving data in the cloud, even if there is an unexpected hardware defect, the data is not damaged and is readily available for you. Also, the complete communication network works through the internet connection. If there is a glitch on the internet, a backup internet is all you need. Also, DBSL’s hardware like IP phones, adaptors are highly reliable devices that can work in the longer run.

There are many analog telephone adaptors the employees can use. These adaptors can help them not to spend on the additional phone system. The analog signal shall be converted to a digital signal thereby facilitating VoIP to function the best way. Grandstream HT_812 is an incredible 2 port adaptor that shall help in this regard. With exceptional voice quality, the adaptor is most sought after in this regard. Now, you can connect to analog devices and start using them in the same VoIP ecosystem.

IT Employees: While this role can be WFH in your organization, the workforce can easily improve their productivity if VoIP is in place. The task sheet and current task in hand can be stored in the cloud for the next person to take over from there. Unwanted messages and emails in this regard are avoided. Further, the job is always saved on the cloud for the quality department to scrutinize the same. The real-time job updates and any corrections required can be done at a rapid pace. This increases the pace at which the project shall be completed compared to the previous times.

VoIP for IT Employees

Further, the files that are saved can be accessed only by authorized professionals. With the centralized hub set up, the employees with authentication credentials can only access it. This makes it a secured network connection that has unparalleled benefits that no other telecommunication system has offered so far. Moreover, if your VoIP is under VPN, you are being protected by a firewall and you can avoid any type of cyber attacks too.

Marketing Professionals: VoIP is an excellent move for sales and marketing professionals. With the way their job responsibilities are, seamless and hassle-free connectivity is easily possible. Mobility being one of the bigger advantages, VOIP gives the versatility in keeping in touch with the clients at any time. A well-decided VoIP subscription plan can offer you a local phone number that can be used even if you are working in different time zones. It is indeed an attractive mode of communication as the technology shall support HD quality audio and video connect even while you are traveling.

VoIP for Marketing Professionals

The major impact on productivity is due to a lack of reporting and appropriate feedback. VoIP has the facility to send reports daily, weekly, and monthly. This shall help authorities to monitor performance and remove underperforming agents in the company. Data being accurate there is no place for mistakes in decisions too. The performance tracking feature is also a feature that comes with the package.

If the company needs to keep up with the current business trend, VoIP is the only solution. You can opt for business conferencing services with some delectable hardware sold by DBSL. Grandstream GAC2500 is a business conferencing phone powered by Android. You can set this up and go mobile at the office. The best part is, the device can support up to 6 SIP lines. You also get the Google Playstore option to download the required mobile applications. The video and audio calls are of high definition that shows the class of the product altogether. You can also use the Bluetooth facility for audio pairing without any difficulty. The device also has a call scheduler as well as a web browser. If you are looking for transformation among the team, the first best thing to do is to give the difference. Show the change and expect the same from the employees.

HR Professionals: The task of an HR professional is always on the desk. At the same time, the need to connect with external vendors, entities, and candidates become inevitable too. In any of the cases, phone communication becomes the primary source for task completion. Further, monitoring the employees and reporting their attendance, and working on their payroll also is inevitable. With VoIP in place, these tasks can be easily automated. Firstly, the HR professional need not do the unnecessary task and waste the time. The tasks like attendance and performance reports shall be automatically generated. Many applications shall help them get those tasks done with pinpoint accuracy.

VoIP for HR Professionals

Now that we have seen how different roles in an organization can become highly productive in your organization, let us quickly see some of the tips that the different industry types can use to increase the revenue margin.

Finance Companies: if you are part of a finserv, then the need for VoIP shall be imperative. You need to track a lot of things and keep the entire team connected most of the time. With conventional phone systems, reliability cannot be assured. Further, the VoIP connection offers many features that help clinch a lot of deals in a short span. The finance sector mainly relies on two aspects; time and money. Saving a lot of time leads to a lot of profit.

Keeping the client’s needs up front and dealing them with all the information in hand is possible only with VoIP. This not only helps you go mobile but also supports you in receiving consolidated data on the same. Accuracy of results and incredible data in hand, helps you make well-informed decisions.

Software Companies: The biggest challenge of connecting remotely working people is answered only with VoIP. With the Grandstream UCM series, you not only get the number of handsets but also get multiple phone numbers for the same SIP line. This shall help many to get connected simultaneously. Further, the need for video conferencing and audio connect makes the work highly effective. The attractive feature is all the additional features come as a single package. The bills are too low when compared to the traditional phone systems. You can also connect ATAs and attend the calls through your analog phone as well. Also, integrating VoIP with cellphones helps them use the phone even while traveling. The seamless connection and secured storage space make it a powerful option for software companies to leverage. The major advantage lies in the continuity of the project and the pace at which the assignments are completed. As with any organization, the more punctual you are in delivering the project, the more you can be assured of assignments from the clients.

VoIP for Software Companies

Productivity and revenue are directly proportional in the business arena. As such, productivity is not doing a lot of things, but doing things that shall meet the business objectives. VoIP is useful for any type of company, irrespective of its size. One can use it to maximize productivity by focusing on the core business ideas. The good part is, your employees shall focus on the required ones and not get distracted by doing unwanted tasks. Most of the tasks can be automated too. With remarkable ROI, VoIP shall offer double advantage of increased revenue and enhanced productivity. If one uses it the right way, you can achieve this feat soon.

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