Integrating VoIP with Business Applications – Is it beneficial?

Integrating VoIP with Business Applications – Is it beneficial?

Integrating VoIP with Business Applications – Is it beneficial?

Businesses are looking to accomplish a lot with fewer resources. And this has been the strategy right from the beginning. While this is not a wrong idea, but what aspects you need to compromise matters a lot at this juncture. One of the wise options is to shift from traditional telephony systems to VoIP. With British Telecom set to shut down by 2025, it is indeed a wise idea to shift base to IP based communication systems. DBSL is one of the premium VoIP service providers who shall help you connect the entire internal as well as external communication into one system.

VoIP services as we know has a wide range of benefits, one of the major factors to contemplate is the integration of VoIP systems with the business apps.

How Does VoIP integrated business Applications Help your Business?

Saves a Lot of Time: With the business applications supporting processes and timelines, integrating VoIP with them shall prove to be the best saviour of time. The timely triggering with notifications and incredible communicating aspects shall help the team to build rigour in completing the tasks. Of course, as you save time, you save energy and money too. With cost savings being the primary agenda for many businesses, VoIP services shall be the best for your business functionalities to stay intact.

Different Apps – Different Benefits: This is on the cards. As your organization might use several business applications like CRM, HRM or even inventory, connecting VoIP to it has several different benefits. Say, for example, CRM holds the complete data of the customers. If VoIP is integrated with the CRM tool, you can stay on top of the operations. Be it the customer query or broadcasting information to all your customers, it shall be made in a snap. As said, no time is wasted.

Excellent Support in Marketing Aspects: Your business might use many digital marketing tools. The famous ones are MailChimp, Hubspot and various other social media platforms. The VoIP services can be connected to those to offer timely broadcast of messages to your clients, customers and internal employees too. Moreover, VoIP helps you to be on the go and still, you can have an internal connection with the office. That means to say, you need not worry about business calls while you are travelling too. The same number can be retained or you can also divert the calls to a different number if you are in a meeting. This helps the client to get in touch with your organization and there is no possibility of call ignoring too.

Automate Accounting Processes: You can have the business accounting information integrated with VoIP. If you are planning for an extended level of support and automation, this must be a wise choice. You can automatically

  1. List payments
  2. Generate Invoices
  3. Track pending payments too

Further, the applications that you can readily integrate VoIP are

  1. QuickBooks
  2. Sage
  • PayPal

Customer Support: With uninterrupted voice calls possible with VoIP, connecting the Customer support tools with the IP based system, you can give the customers the best experience ever. In fact, you can also add IVR to the communication system too. The top quality services of VoIP can be leveraged for business enhancement too.

Apart from these apps, you can also connect VoIP with eCommerce apps, virtual meeting apps and so on. The best part is, you can connect video conferencing services from anywhere you want. Also, the cost involved in such a set-up is way too less than the contemporary phone systems. Also, you can reduce the complexity and impractical situations to connect as well.


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