Internet Phones and Businesses – Is it a Good Combination for Success?

Internet Phones and Businesses – Is it a Good Combination for Success?

Internet Phones and Businesses – Is it a Good Combination for Success?

Modern businesses require a global communication system to stay ahead of the competition these days. With most of the functionalities turning digital, the need for a comprehensive communication system becomes inevitable. At the same time, the new business owners and the existing ones focus on cost reduction factors to survive this pandemic tide too. The finance factor is indeed affecting most of the processes as the cost incurred earlier by the processes do not function appropriately without proper investment.

The most affected are the small and medium businesses. But the good news is, the communication system can effectively be replaced for a much lesser bargain. It also offers good savings if the conventional telephony system is replaced by internet phones. The most prominent one is VoIP services, it helps the organisations save a lot of money while it offers other value-based benefits to the businesses to grow. Let us see a few statistics that shall give a clear insight on VoIP service users.

Top Statistics You Must Know

  1. If you are planning for international expansion, then setting up a communication system shall be cost-effective. Yes, you can make 90% savings on international calling.
  2. Further, as a business operational costs can also be reduced by 75% if VoIP services are installed
  3. A whopping 40% can be saved in local calls too
  4. Finally, you can save 30% on phone bills as well

What Other Reasons for the Businesses to Shift From Traditional Telephonic System to VoIP

Incredible Call Quality: As a small business owner, the focus must be on business expansion in phases. As with VoIP calls, be it voice or video calls, it functions through the internet. This means to say, the stronger the internet connection, the better the call quality. As such, internet connection shall always be the best in the UK and this ensures enhanced call quality too.

Get 50% Saved Altogether: This is one of the major factors that experts have observed in recent times. As a business, you might have a lot of conference calls and video calls happening with the clients. The best part about this technology is, the data is sent to the end where the speech happens. That means to say, as the one end constantly speaks and you listen or attend a training, the data is sent only to one end and not you. Only when you start speaking, the VoIP shall pick up the signal and send the data to you. In this way, 50% of the cost does not incur to you at all.

Scalability at its Best: This is on the cards for small and mid-sized companies. As you plan to expand, you can keep one thing for sure that there is no extra expenditure on extending the phone lines. In fact, VoIP functions virtually, so if you plan for relocation or extension, it can happen over a click. Unlike the traditional phone system where you need to raise a request and wait for the technician to lay the lines and a lot of other hardware work. This would take a lot of time and incur extra expense too.

22% of the businesses right now have Toll free numbers these days. This is set to rise in the next 2 years. It is also understood that 90% of the IT companies are planning to stop using on-premise communication systems as well. Moreover, BT is about to shut its operations by 2025 and this raises an alarm for most of the companies to shift to IP based communication.

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