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How To Factory Reset The Grandstream DP715 IP Phone

How To Factory Reset The Grandstream DP715 IP Phone

There can be various reasons as to why someone may want to perform a factory reset.  However, I make it a practice to perform factory resets on any new VoIP ATA or IP Phone device before configuring it with a new or different VSP (VoIP Service Provider).

Why?  Because this is the only way I can be sure that there are no surprises either via corrupted settings or previous configuration setting changes that may or may not cause unknown problems when setting up a new or different VSP on the device.  It’s just a good way to insure we are all starting from the same reference point.

Performing a factory reset on the Grandstream DP715 is a very quick and easy function to perform.  Once completed, we are then assured that we only need to change a few essential non-default settings required to configure the phone with a VSP of your choice.

Factory Reset Procedure:

  • Login to the DP715 Device Configuration utility using your PC’s web browser.  I explain how HERE.
  • Click on the Basic Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Basic Settings configuration page.
  • By default, you will see the setting:  “Reset Type:”   “Full Reset“.
  • Click on the button labeled:   Reset .

While resetting and rebooting, you will see the base unit green LEDs periodically flash, and the following screen is also displayed:

Reset and reboot will take ~ 60 seconds to complete.

Once completed, you can now click on the  “Click to relogin” link, or just re-enter the phone’s IP address into the address bar.

Following the full factory reset, all configuration settings are now restored to their default values.

Remember, the Administrator default login password is “admin“.  This is a good time to go back in and configure a new more secure administrator password.

You are now ready to reconfigure your Grandstream DP715 IP Phone with your preferred BYOD DIY VoIP provider.

Alternate Factory Reset Method

Generally speaking, the web interface factory reset method described in the above paragraphs is the preferred method.
However, what do you do if your forget your Administrator Password and are not able to login to the web interface?  This is where a Manual Reset comes into play, as illustrated below.
  • Insert the straightened end of a paper clip into the Reset hole located on the back of the DP715 base unit.  Press and hold for at least 7 seconds.
  • The base unit green LEDs will periodically flash while the reset and reboot procedure is in progress.
After you wait for about one minute and the DP715 has completed the reset process, you should now be able to log into the DP715 with your web browser using the default Administrator Password (admin).

Final Note:
If your Grandstream DP715 IP Phone is not an unlocked phone and was supplied to you by a VoIP Service Provider as a preconfigured phone, then you likely will not be allowed or be able to perform a factory reset.

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