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Intermittent Sync

IMPORTANT: Intermittent issues are rarely easily fixed over night. They require time to diagnose whether the issue is customer equipment or wiring related. Failure to do so could mean additional charges being levied by a visiting engineer for failure to do just this. There are no diagnostic tests to run, and woosh will often prove to be a fruitless tool either confirming whether the line was up or down at the moment it ran.

The first place to look is the session logs for the connection. Here you must look for the following key bits of data:

a) What was the disconnection cause?

Please refer to the glossary associated with the session logs for descriptions of the disconnection cause. This can often be helpful in diagnosing a hardware fault for example.

b) How long is the session lasting?

Is this happening every few minutes or every few hours. If the answer is every few hours the resolution will be even harder to track down and even riskier should an engineer be dispatched from the exchange to investigate as they may not witness the disconnection when it is actually happening.

c) Is the router immediately reconnecting?

To see if this is the case you need to look at the disconnection time recorded, and then refer to the next session listed above and the start time displayed. Bear in mind it may take upto a minute for a router to lose sync, regain it, and re-authenticate. If this time is much greater (eg 5-10 minutes) then there could be wider issues.


2009-12-03 13:44:15 | 2009-12-03 13:49:40 | 1mins 25secs | 3.94KB | 5.41KB | Port-Error
2009-12-03 13:24:15 | 2009-12-03 13:29:36 | 1mins 21secs | 4.15KB | 5.20KB | Port-Error
2009-12-03 13:04:15 | 2009-12-03 13:09:36 | 1mins 21secs | 4.35KB | 5.41KB | Port-Error
2009-12-03 12:52:47 | 2009-12-03 12:58:08 | 1mins 20secs | 3.55KB | 4.85KB | Port-Error

Here you can see that the fault is very intermittent with sessions lasting just over 1 minute. What is also apparent is it can take between 7-15 minutes to reconnect sessions. Questions surrounding the presence of sync must be asked them this occurs such as:

When the Internet connection drops can you see an upstream and downstream connection speed within your router?

Does power cycling the router enable the connection to be restored any quicker?

Should the responses be along the lines of Sync remains present, and restarting the router does help, this would suggest that the router is the problem as its not wanting to reconnect despite the fact the signal is present from the exchange. We would recommend changing the router, or reinstalling the firmware if this isnt possible. If the issue continues with another router escalate the fault.

Should the response be along the lines of Sync drops and doesnt regain for a couple of minutes. Restarting the router doesnt always get sync back, then we need to escalate this further.


2009-12-03 13:18:15 | 2009-12-03 13:23:40 | 5mins 21secs | 3.94KB | 5.41KB | User-Request
2009-12-03 13:12:15 | 2009-12-03 13:17:36 | 5mins 21secs | 4.15KB | 5.20KB | User-Request
2009-12-03 13:06:15 | 2009-12-03 13:11:36 | 5mins 21secs | 4.35KB | 5.41KB | User-Request
2009-12-03 12:52:15 | 2009-12-03 12:00:08 | 5mins 21secs | 3.55KB | 4.85KB | User-Request

Here the disconnection reasons are consistently set as User-Request suggesting that perhaps the router is the element in the circuit which has requested to disconnect from the Internet.

The next thing to notice is the session lengths are identical. This looks almost mechanical and as such again you need to suspect the router may be looping through in a cycle.

Sessions are always being regained quickly, so the router is either not losing sync, or its regaining it again quickly and starting a new session.

The customer should try another router. If this isnt possible try downloading the latest firmware from the manufacturers website and re-installing. This can sometimes give the router a new lease of life, but not so helpful if the fault is mechanical. Should the fault continue to be repeated with another router, and this is connected to the master socket, without anything else on the line, then well need to escalate this higher. It does however have the hallmarks of a router issue, whether that be the fault of the hardware, or something else on the circuit causing it to want to disconnect.

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