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One-way Transmission

One way transmission occurs when only one party can hear the other speaking. Before escalating such a fault to our support teams there are series of questions we would like to know answers to:

a) Which party cannot hear the other?

It is important we establish whether it is the caller or the person called who is having the problem.

b) Does the fault exist regardless of who is called or being dialled?

We like to know if this is specific to certain calls. For example, if only happens when dialling certain destinations / numbers, or when receiving calls from certain individuals. A fault like this is normally repeated across all calls, but we do need to check that this isn’t isolated or related to another customers fault.

c) Have alternative handsets been tested?

A common source of this fault condition is the handset. Try connecting another handset into the phone socket to see if the fault condition is still present.

Raising Faults

When raising a fault to our support team please make sure you can quote the following details:

  1. Summary of the fault condition
  2. The steps you have taken to diagnose the fault as being outside of your direct control
  3. Contact name and number for someone who can be contacted by Openreach if necessary
  4. Confirmation of opening hours (eg Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00)
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