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Order Status Values

When an order is processed the request will go through several state changes. Below is a summary table of the various states the order can be in and a short description for for reference.

Event Name Event Value Description
Status Order Logged Indicates the order has been placed successfully.
Status In Progress (Sent to Supplier) The order has been passed onto the supplier, we are waiting for their response.
Status In Progress (Supplier Responded) We have received confirmation the supplier has received the order.
Status In Progress (Supplier Committed) The supplier has committed resources to complete the order.
Status Completed The order has been completed.
Status In Progress (Supplier Delayed) The supplier reported a delay.
Status Order Rejected The order was rejected.
Delay reason Awaiting DACS removal The order has been delayed whilst BT remove DACS from the line.
Delay reason Awaiting exchange capacity upgrade The order has been delayed until BT upgrade the local exchange to handle more connections.
Delay reason Awaiting results of line quality investigations The order has been delayed because it is waiting on a line quality investigation to determine if service can be provided and at what speed.
Delay reason Exchange equipment problem The order has been delayed because BT report a problem at the local exchange that needs resolving first.
Delay reason Supplier Internal Error The supplier reports there has been an error with their system, and there will be a delay whilst it is resolved.
Rejection reason Duplicate order There is already an order on the line.
Rejection reason Cease already instigated by End-User The line requested for xDSL activation is currently being ceased by the request of the End User.
Rejection reason Cancelled This order has been cancelled at request of the ISP.


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