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PSNT New Installation

A new line installation can take two forms:

New Installation

This is when an existing line and circuit isn’t present. An engineer visit is required to install a line box and connect the line to the exchange. All new ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 installations take this form regardless of whether there are existing sockets. PSTN lines have an alternative sometime detailed below.

If an engineer visit is required it is paramount that someone will be on-site to allow the engineer access and guide them to the installation location. We can provide Openreach with upto two contact names and numbers. These will be used in the event that they are unable to locate the building, or gain entry. We can certainly request they be used to contact you prior to attending, although this request isn’t always obeyed by all engineers sadly. Please take note of this, and always make sure someone is on-site throughout the duration of an appointment.

Installation appointments are supplied as either AM (08:00 – 13:00) or PM (13:00 – 18:00) and they cannot be any more specific than that. Should the installation date be inconvenient please give us as much notice as possible to book an alternative date. Missed appointments are chargeable and we need at least 24 hours notice in order to cancel an appointment.

Restarting Stopped Lines

Sometimes a PSTN line can be listed as stopped. This means the socket and circuit are already intact and as such an engineer visit isn’t required. A stopped line can often be restarted in the matter of an hour or two as long as the number remains the same. As an engineer visit isn’t required the cost of restarting a line is much lower. Simply having a socket on the wall doesn’t necessarily indicate that the line has been stopped, the important aspect is whether the circuit is still present.

To place an order to restart a stopped line please place this as a new installation, and state in the notes you suspect that a stopped line is present. If there is one showing we will restart it. In the event that we spot a stopped line in Openreach’s databases we will always ask you if you are happy to use this. Sometimes the line may not be in a suitable location or the wiring may be damaged, and as such we wouldn’t want to use this line, opting to arrange an engineer visit.

If you would like to check on the presence of a stopped line email us the full installation address to allow us to run a check. We can confirm the existence and confirmation of what the number was.

An alternative method of checking to see if a line is stopped, is to plug a handset into it. Dial the BT test code of 17070. If a dial tone is present then this will read back the line number and provide confirmation that a circuit is still present. Place the order as described and enter this into the notes field.

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