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Slow Speeds

The common causes of a slow speed condition are:

  • The voice side of the line is noisy or crackly
  • The line has been intermittent. This has caused the profile for the line to be reduced
  • There are local contention issues (especially with time of day related issues)
  • Certain tasks are slow or intermittent (these could relate to traffic shaping)
  • The sites/services being accessed have their own server/connectivity issues
  • The fault is caused by interference on a wireless connection

The first thing we need any intermittent customer to do is run one or more speed tests. There are different links to visit depending on the type of connection:

BT Wholesale

  • They will be asked to enter their ADSL username (excluding the part)
  • They may be asked to confirm their phone number without any spaces
  • BT limit usage to once every three hours
  • It is advisable to carry out multiple tests to prove that this isnt time specific
  • These tests are really helpful as this will confirm the sync speed, ADSL Max profile speed, and actual speed achieved.
  • Make a note of the DATE and TIME the test was carried out

C&W and Tiscali Wholesale

  • Can be run as many times as they like
  • The results can be saved as a URL
  • Ask the customer for clarification of the sync speed showing in their router to clarify if the recorded speeds are any good
  • Make a note of the DATE and TIME the test was carried out


It is imperative that a customer sends these to us in text format (ie simply copy and paste the results in an email). We can then verify them and escalate if necessary. It is sometimes important to state to a customer that we don’t need screen shot, just the text or URL.


Make sure that:

  1. The customer isn’t connected wireless when running these tests. Wireless connections will sometimes add to the latency.
  2. No other computer or service is running that may be downloading at the same time. This will obviously distort the results.
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