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Top-Rated & Reviewed VoIP Products for Different Categories of Business Worldwide

Excellent business effectiveness and efficiency are the results of using advanced technology systems at the office. Especially, the VoIP-based communication system has loomed large and entered every business type these days. Began its surge in 2008, the companies have started opting for Internet-based voice call services slowly. Though, it started as a backup for the primary communication, channel. With the rise in offerings, VoIP has become the best choice for businesses for many obvious reasons. There are several VoIP Phone [...]

5 Merits of Utilizing VoIP for Small and Mid-size Enterprises?

Small and medium-sized companies account for more than 70% of employment worldwide and the staggering fact is, they collectively account for 50% of the world’s GDP. While many companies shifting to VoIP-based communication systems, it is indeed truly beneficial for the MSMEs at the current juncture. The ILO SCORE Global Covid-19 Enterprise Survey conducted in 2020 has some shocking results. The survey was conducted by over 1000 companies across 8 different countries. Out of the companies surveyed, nearly 700 companies [...]