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GP Surgery and VoIP Services – A Fabulous Combination to Success

Online appointments, digital consultation is the trend and technology has paved way for the medical services to sore high in these tough times. Of course, the only department in the UK that worked overtime during the pandemic is the medical department. The hospitals, clinics and many medical firms are still working their heart out to support the patients with minimal hassle. The balance between patient monitoring and new patient appointments is always a challenge and now it seems to loom [...]

How Technology Affects Business Performance

Businesses all around the world look for ways to cut down on costs in various ways. Of course, the pandemic had curtailed the performance of the businesses in the beginning, but picked rigour when a few strategies were implemented. Door to door delivery, online business transactions and work from home paved the way for successes in many categories of industries lately. However, the major hurdle right now is the cost of technology being used. While the application development companies and [...]

Why are Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Opting for VoIP Services?

It is staggering to note that the increase in VoIP for businesses has increased drastically over the years. In fact, in the 8 year period from 2010 and 2018, the raise has been huge and reached the 41 Million mark in the US alone. Moreover, there is a steady increase after that making most of the organisations replace the traditional phone lines. This being said, the surge can be seen with the small and medium-sized companies opting for VoIP services. [...]