Top Facts about VoIP That You Cannot Ignore

Top Facts about VoIP That You Cannot Ignore

Top Facts about VoIP That You Cannot Ignore

A lot of information is on the web proclaiming the benefits of VoIP and the reasons why businesses must opt for it. While it is informative and interesting to read, using the business cases to get clinical observations on the same shall prove authenticity. BT is indeed shutting down by 2025, this is one of the reasons, many organisations are opting for VoIP as it is of reduced price and more effective than any other traditional communication system. Also, mobile workers require to be connected seamlessly all the time with the company too. Traditional telephony is less versatile than VoIP in this scenario as well. Let us not wait further and see a few incredible business cases that shall help you get serious about this shift.

Incredible Facts about VoIP You May Not Know

DELL saved $39.5 Million

As with most of the companies, DELL utilized VoIP for its marketing purposes. This shift was a revelation in DELL’s marketing history. So far, the company has saved $39.5 million, despite increasing the marketing team multi-fold. In fact, DELL had started massive digital marketing campaigns only after shifting to VoIP services. Another good news for the employees of DELL is, after replacing the traditional telephonic system, they have also cut down on Carbon waste.

Increase in Average Savings

Businesses normally shift to VoIP because of its cost factor. Incidentally, they may attempt to change only for the few departments. But, eventually, the company shall operate seamlessly without any hassle. Small and medium-sized companies opting for VoIP, for this reason, has actually seen a cost reduction of up t0 75%. This mammoth savings has made them expand their horizons as well. On average the businesses can save up to 50%.

Conferencing Expenses Reduced

It is observed that once the use of VoIP started, the companies of any niche and size have seen a lot of cost reduction in terms of conferences of any type. As such, the conventional telephonic system treats this as a separate service and has its charges along with the tax. With the installation of VoIP, this becomes a part of the bundle and helps save 30% of the cost too.

Annual Reduction of Price

This is incredible and can be experienced by long term users. The VoIP services come as a package and have their plan wise payments. It can be made monthly or yearly depending on your convenience. As you begin to use the services, you may notice that the cost as such shall be reduced by 5% yearly and this adds to the further cost reduction.

Boosts Marketing Strategies

Companies marketing aspects started depending on the VoIP services. With various modes of client connect, the marketing department of a company shall find it highly flexible and productive too. Even if the team members are travelling, they can still stay connected with the customers or with the office too. The excellent IVR services and call recording aspects makes it a big hit too.

Low Investment Process

Now, this is a fact that you must contemplate. It is not like the traditional system where you require to install phone lines as and when you need them. It is all virtual and installation is a software part alone. This shall take just minutes. That means to say, the cost involved in hardware purchase and other related charges are not there at all. Further, even if you are planning to shift your office location, it is pretty easy in this case, that requires you to just connect with the service provider and inform the same.

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