Top-Rated & Reviewed VoIP Products for Different Categories of Business Worldwide

Top-Rated & Reviewed VoIP Products for Different Categories of Business Worldwide

Top-Rated & Reviewed VoIP Products for Different Categories of Business Worldwide

Excellent business effectiveness and efficiency are the results of using advanced technology systems at the office. Especially, the VoIP-based communication system has loomed large and entered every business type these days. Began its surge in 2008, the companies have started opting for Internet-based voice call services slowly. Though, it started as a backup for the primary communication, channel. With the rise in offerings, VoIP has become the best choice for businesses for many obvious reasons.

There are several VoIP Phone Systems for Business available these days. There are specific products that businesses look for. Mainly it depends on their requirements. This article shall exhaustively give the details of a few eclectic VoIP products that are opted for by different businesses. In a way, you can also map the products based on the industry niche too.

As we analyse various products, let us start with generic product orientation and get to the specifications of the same. The same product catalogue for a business can work wonders for a business, but the variant in it need not be suitable.

IP Telephony:


Indeed, this is a remarkable product used by all the companies that require to go digital in terms of establishing communication channels. The best part is, IP telephony not only helps in Voice call services but also non-voice. Yes, IP telephony is the set of all the features that VoIP can offer using a single device. You can also make calls using the device and also use it as an IM device too.

Using IP telephony has immaculate benefits for any business. This helps in unifying the network and there is no need for two networks for data and calls. This telephony system works on VoIP and can reduce long-distance calling costs. If you are into a business category where you have multiple locations, you may very well opt for this service and buy a suitable IP phone. Let us see a few products that are highly recommended by business experts.

Industries That Can Utilize IP telephony

While the advanced IP telephony set-up can be utilized by industries of any niche and size, Grandstream DP750 as the base station and D720 as the handset, small-sized companies can very well use the VoIP products to enhance their business prospects. With a minimum employee base of 5 to 50, businesses that fall under the category can avail the benefits by using the products mentioned above.

  1. Information Technology: This is an ideal business line where VoIP products are widely sued. Moreover, if you are a start-up and looking to go global in terms of the business offering, DP720 and DP750 can be of great help. Especially, the cost factor is under control and you can scale it up as per the need.
  2. Hospitality Business Sector: You can have a restaurant or a lodging service, Grandstream DP750 shall be more than sufficient if you have 10 to 20 rooms. Also, for taking orders to offer online delivery, one handset is more than sufficient. As you know, the handset can hold up to 10 SIP trunk lines. This means you can have 10 different numbers for the customers to reach out to you.
  3. Healthcare Sector: Though this setup is not conducive for bigger hospitals, smaller dispensaries can very well use these products. Ease of making appointments with multiple phone lines and uninterrupted calling service helps the business grow. At the same time, the auto-attendant feature in these devices can be of greater help in keeping the customer engaged before the agent could attend the call.

By far, this is the set-up more suitable for smaller size businesses. Be it a food and beverage business or a travel and tourism business, VoIP products can be of great support.

There are some shortcomings with the device that you may consider for an upgraded version of these. Let us see the shortcomings so that you will realize the facts and get to understand the details of other products.

Some Benefits to Realise

  1. Cost-Effective Product: It is not only that the price of the product is less, the plan that you may opt for can be cost-effective too. With minimal devices connected, the internet connection speed and the bandwidth required are limited, thus reducing the cost considerably. Further, the installation set-up is usually done for free, hence no installation charges are incurred.
  2. Excellent Voice Quality: These immaculate devices can help offer incredible voice quality. Be it through the phone or the speaker, the voice quality is commendable. With 3-way conferencing services, there is no compromise on the quality of the call.
  3. Scalability: Being a very simple device structure and virtual circuit, it is easy for the company to go for expansion. The phone lines can be added without any hassle.

Some Shortcomings To Ponder

Limited Connectivity: The device range from the base works within a 300-meter range. However, if it is outdoors, the handset can be used at a distance of 50 metres. Though it is sufficient for a compact office, if you are looking for higher ranges of distances, this technology may not be supportive. The capacity of the handset works on usual telephone ranges. If you want longer distances, then you must look for the handsets that work on Wifi. This shall help you move seamlessly as far as you are in the range of the Wifi source.

Lack of Video Conferencing Feature: This is indeed a basic communication channel setup. Though you can establish an audio conference, a video conferencing facility is not available in this series of headsets. Especially for IT firms that require connecting with clients over a video call might be a challenge. You may opt for a separate Video conferencing service, but while VoIP offers such delectable products that you need to explore, taking an additional connection is not cost-effective.

Restricted Handsets: With DP750, you can connect to a maximum of 5 handsets. This might be less if you have more critical resources and all of them require a phone for communication. Though the numbers are plenty, the handsets are limited to 5 alone. There are many other incredible VoIP products available that you can connect with more than 50 handsets as well.

While a few companies look for this compact set-up, a few medium-sized companies go for centralized communication systems, let us see a few products that are readily accepted by businesses worldwide. With the available shortcomings, we have a few more recommendations that you may consider purchasing to get the maximum benefits.

Grandstream DP720


This is the simplest of the DECT phones offered to businesses. This is a cordless phone that can reach up to 300m from the base. You can experience a top-class performance with this handset. Ideal for people who cannot stick to their desks all the time for work. This handset can support up to 10 SIP trunk lines. You can move freely from your desk while talking over the phone. The cost-effective handset weighs less than 500 grams.

The best part about Grandstream DP720 is you can enjoy High definition Audio both in the handset as well as through the speakerphone. The handset shall work over, Grandstream’s DP750 DECT Base Station.

Grandstream DP750

It is considered by businesses the most powerful VoIP DECT base station. It can connect up to 5 Grandstream DP720 handsets. With 4 concurrent calls attending capacity, you can also have an audio conference with 3 people at a time. Interestingly, Grandstream DP750 helps in offering shared SIP accounts on all the available handsets.

DECT through this Base station offers an incredible mobile solution for the handsets. Your calls can be protected with highly reliable TLS and SRTP security encryption.

Grandstream D750 base station is highly utilized by small and medium-sized businesses. This is highly useful for offices that have a cosy space. As the base station can connect up to 5 handsets, this must be all the more sufficient for all your business operations and communications. Further, with 10 SIP accounts, you have 10 different phone numbers too. This shall help establish your brand of business comprehensively. Also, with the multiple calls attending option through the Grandstream DP720 handsets, you will not miss out on any of the customer calls.

Industries That Can Utilize Grandstream DP750 as the Base Station

Small Retail Businesses: As said earlier, the DP750 base station is well suited for offices that are smaller in dimension with less number of employees. With DP750, you will be connected to 5 handsets and that shall be more than sufficient for an office that has less than 50 employees count. Incidentally, if you are a retail business owner and have multiple stories in a building (Maybe 2 to 3 floors), you can use this base station. This is not only cost-effective but also caters to the need of smaller businesses.

Restaurants: This base station shall be of greater help in restaurants too. Likewise, even if the restaurant is a bit bigger ins size with a couple of floors, you can very well use this base station and establish seamless connectivity. Most small and mid-size restaurants have taken up takeaway services and online delivery services too. For such setups, DP750 is a delectable product. And that too with DP720 as the headset, you have the luxury to be flexible in your movement too.

Office of an Advocate: This is the best product for lawyer’s offices. Not more than 10 people shall be in a lawyer’s office. With this setup, you can minimize the need for handsets and run the business successfully. Further, you have the flexibility to have different phone numbers and post such details on your website. This indeed improves your brand value as well.

Some Benefits to Realise

Low Bandwidth Internet Connectivity: With a compact setup like DP 750 and 5 handsets, the internet bandwidth need not be more. Also, there is no provision for video calling, so a broadband internet connection is more than sufficient for DP750 to function at its best.

Easy Scalability: With most VoIP products, this is a feature that you can count on. As your business grows, you can enhance the phone lines and increase the number of handsets. The connection can be upgraded just with a click with cloud services in place.

Less Space Occupied: DP750 occupies less space and keeping the connection with the cloud server, is not going to take any more space than you may actually worry about. In fact, the maintenance of such appliances can be done effortlessly too.

Some Shortcomings To Ponder

Broadband Connection: If you are planning to use a broadband connection with low bandwidth levels, you may come across lag in the communication if all 5 handsets are used simultaneously. Further, with low bandwidth, you cannot rely on the Wifi connection to the handsets.

Enormous Scalability is Not Possible: You can increase the phone lines to 10 and not more than that. If you are planning to open an office abroad, this is not going to help you. And that is one of the main reasons, this setup is recommended for small and medium-size offices that have just one facility and not multiple ones.

If you are planning to go for an advanced setup as you have multiple offices and plans to open a few abroad, then go for the next one coming on the list.

Grandstream UCM_6202


This is an incredible appliance that not only takes care of your voice calls but also non-voice communication aspects too. This device helps in combining all your communication channels into one. Say, for example, voice calls, video calls, Instant messaging services, and internet services. You need not rely on any of the other providers to set this up. All these features come as a package and you can use them with the help of Grandstream UCM_6202.

The best part is, using this device does not incur any expense in the form of

  1. License fee
  2. Features’ costs
  3. Any other recurring costs

The UCM6200 series is constantly upgrading every month. In fact, UCM6208 supports up to 800 users at a time and can attend 100 concurrent calls without any hassle. There are a few reasons that make businesses opt for this VoIP device.

  1. The device supports an IVR level up to 5
  2. The call recording server is inbuilt.
  • You can listen to the call recordings from a web interface too
  1. CDR is also built-in

This is an ideal device for industries that requires call data to make changes in their marketing plans. Call analysis can be conveniently made and help make informed decisions.

The device shall also help with the multi-language phone attendant feature that helps you to use it across the globe.

Industries That Can Utilize The Product

  1. Hospitals: This is the best communication setup for hospitals. Be it the front desk phone connection or the appointment desk, UCM_6202 is the most sought-after device. You can connect several handsets and have seamless communication between the hospital staff and the patients.
  2. Hotels: With many rooms and a lot of staff in place, UCM 6200 series shall be of great help in making reservations and also setting up the reception desk comprehensively.
  3. Retail Stores With Online Delivery: This is one sector where UCM_6202 shall be of delectable support. You can also monitor the calls and procure the data using the CDR. The call data report shall help you make changes in the product lineup and market the same accordingly.
  4. IT Sector: A good value add to IT and ITES companies. Especially, if you have an employee base between 100 and more, you must be using this device. This not only helps connect more than 800 concurrent calls but also helps in connecting with the clients over video calls too. Video conferencing is pretty easy with this set up and that makes UCM-6202 the most wanted VoIP product worldwide.
  5. Financial Services: if you are a part of a financial service organization, you may need this for sure. The best part about UCM_6202 is, you can expand on a massive scale without any hassle. You may have multiple offices around the state or internationally too. You can use this product to establish a connection with other offices without spending anything extra. All you need to do is to set up a basic DP750 set up in the branch offices to establish seamless communication between the two.

        Some Benefits to Realise

  1. Highly Scalable Product: This is one product that can help you go boundless in terms of your business. If you have global expansion plans, then go for it. You can get connected with multiple offices around the globe with just a click.
  2. Excellent Mobility: UCM_6202 allows the users to be mobile all the time. The Bluetooth connectivity and the Wifi connectivity features help you be flexible in your phone usage.
  3. Cost reduction for additional Services: UCM services come with a fleet of features and packages that you need not subscribe to, as an add-on. The services like video conferencing, CDR, call monitoring, call attendant, and much more come within the package. This reduces the cost drastically making it a cost-effective process.

Some Shortcomings To Ponder

  1. Excellent Internet Connection: This product can work effectively only when the internet connection is high speed. In fact, as the number of IP devices increases and if the bandwidth is not increased, you may experience a lag in the voice as well as video calls. At the same time, you must also consider having another internet connection that acts as a backup if the primary connection is interrupted for some reason.
  2. Uninterrupted Power Connection: This is obviously a need for the internet service to function non-stop and without any hindrance. While this is the major trouble with the VoIP connection, it can be easily restored for small size setups. But, with a massive communication system like this, one must require uninterrupted power for the devices and the connection to work perfectly fine.

Though there is no alternative other than the presence of reliable power backup, if your office premises has one, you can definitely opt for this product.

With these two communication establishing devices, the other products that are constantly looked out for by businesses are

Grandstream GAC2500



This is an excellent business conference phone that is most sought after by companies of any size and category. This is an android based phone that shall support 6 SIP lines. Additionally, you also have the option to connect with Google Playstore. You can use this service to connect with people over Online portals like Google hangouts, skype, etc. GAC2500 is considered versatile in connecting voice calls with mobile devices too. You can use the BlueTooth services that are available on the device to establish the same. You can connect with 7 people at a conference at a time. The call scheduler and the web browser option make it an excellent device that can be used by companies that have remote workers and freelancers too.

You can customize your conferencing services now. The device has a built-in Wifi facility making it easy for mobile devices to connect.

Further, if you are looking for a more advanced device for your communication needs, then you can opt for the one mentioned below

Industries That Can Utilize GAC2500

IT companies with Many branches: This is an ideal device if you have many offices in the country and outside too. In fact, the video conferencing facility makes it apt for such businesses who would like to connect internally or with the clients seamlessly.

Hospitals: The size does not matter here. If you have a hospital that does online consultation and takes multiple appointments through phone calls, this is the best choice. The best part is, you can use the auto call attendant feature to avoid the patient feeling jittery as well.

Some Benefits to Realise

Uninterrupted Communication: As a premium business you need to connect with the clients as well as the employees most of the time. With this setup, you are always connected to them. There shall be no interruption. Moreover, the time you speak, the data is picked and that means to say, your voice calls are cost-effective.

International Calls Are Free: yes, it is. With the connection working on the internet, you can very well connect with anyone over a video call without spending a penny.

Some Shortcomings To Ponder

Stable Internet Connection: You are in need of a stable internet connection for the entire setup to function the best. Of course, the BlueTooth technology can support the handsets to be connected, but to have a wider range of signals, you must rely on the WiFi connection. Further, if you are travelling and using a business phone, the number can work only when there is an internet connection.

Video Calling Apps: You can choose the video calling apps. But the quality of the calls depends on the Application. While Skype, zoom, and other premium techies have a good platform in place, a few others do not. Watch out for the right platform while you connect over a voice call. Especially, your marketing team if they are traveling and using the mobile phone, must be aware of this.

Grandstream GXV3674 FHD V2 and HD Video Door System GDS3710

Grandstream GXV3674 FHD V2 is the most sought-after CCTV camera series by many organizations in recent times. This device is weatherproof and has exceptional IR capabilities to capture every event on the CCTV’s radar. As it is a weatherproof device, you can decide to keep it outdoors or indoors. Now, you can monitor the office space, entrance, or any area that you would require as per your business needs. Grandstream GXV3674 FHD V2 offers excellent performance in any lighting conditions. Thanks to the Advanced ISP used in this office appliance. This device comes with the video monitoring software called GSURF Pro. This is indeed free. And helps monitor up to 72 cameras at a time. You can also stream the video on your mobile device too. With night mode settings available on the device, you can feel that secure than ever before.

HD Video Door System GDS3710 is mostly used by companies that have huge buildings with multiple stories. An excellent video door system that comes with a CCTV camera and secured keyless entry feature too. You can also find an intercom feature in-built into it. Also, alarm features make it a highly delectable device in this category. The camera can cover up to 180 degrees. That means to say, you can watch wall-to-wall images of the happenings around the space.

VoIP is considered to be a versatile and cost-effective means of communication. The cloud-based services offered by DBSL services can further reduce cost and the service provider themselves shall take care of the server maintenance. Further, the unified communication set-up can be installed free of cost, thus making it the wise choice for companies in the current circumstances. With audio and video communication working on high-speed internet, the quality of communication can be met all the time.

The products that you may select must match your requirements. You can discuss the requirements with the vendor and opt for the right solutions that shall be helpful for your business growth.

Industries That Can Utilise the Product

Any business that requires protection, may opt for these products. If you have an IT company or an electronic gadget design firm, you may require restricted access to a few employees. The same goes good with finance sector organizations too. At the same time, if you find appointing security personnel is not cost-effective, these gadgets can be a reduced-cost option for your office space.

 Some Benefits to Realise

Less Power Consumption: The automation service in security set-up comes with a wide range of energy-saving capabilities. The voice system shall adjust itself for energy conservation, thus saving on your power bills.

Reduced Insurance Plans: As you know, if an office premise is duly secured with such a security system, the insurance plans come with a discount on the premiums to be paid. Moreover, such a security system can detect fire and other damages thus saving a lot of money too.

Some Shortcomings to Ponder

You may Compromise on Privacy: This is one of the reasons, a few industries deliberately do not use the security system in place, But it is indeed a needed aspect for any business to ensure safety and compliance.

Vulnerable At Times: If the internet connection is not stable, then you may not be able to see the videos clearly. The data might not get stored appropriately. Especially, when you have too many devices and the bandwidth does not support them. It is recommended to keep the versatile base station to enhance the coverage and the quality of the video too.

Can be Expensive if Not Planned Well: Too many devices at the office is indeed a costly affair. You need to plan it up accordingly and purchase these products. Also, plan for a better internet connection and the base station if you are planning to set up several cameras in several places. Further, if the mobile view is expected, then the internet connection needs to be stable always.

With the range of products listed for your company, you may choose the ones that are suitable for your organization. Firstly, keep the size of the company in mind before deciding on the product. Further, look for the usage levels and opt for the subscription models. You can opt for a subscription plan and then purchase the products. Also, it is highly recommended to consult the vendor professionals to get a better idea of the subscription models for your company.


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