Verint Support

Verint Support

Verint Support

We share very strong relationships to design, install, support and maintain your Verint systems through our sister company who has won the best business partner of the year 2015 for APAC Region.

We support the Verint infrastructure right through the legacy days to the latest and datest.

Contact Centre Solutions

Workforce Management

Verint Impact 360 and Avaya workforce optimization technologies we provide our customers an efficient WFM solution ensuring we create significant opportunities for returns in both the contact center and back office environments through grater utilization of resources and increasing agent productivity.

By introducing Workforce Management into your business we ensure a structured environment that will positively impact your customers.

  • Centralized – Maintain enterprise view and decision-making capability
  • Standardized – Processes are standardized to maintain consistency
  • Planned – Processes are rigorously executed on a regular, established schedule
  • Automated – Wherever possible to reduce resource load and process errors
  • Accountability – Organizations and individuals are assigned specific accountability for baseline execution and to achieve operational improvements

Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring Solution facilitates contact centers with single platform for End-to-End quality management which can help the organizations leverage operational excellence to achieve business growth. We offer Next Generation Easy-to-Use web based UI application with intelligent user administration considering multilevel user applications. The call center Quality Monitoring solution produces insight which will drive business improvements.

Customer Feedback Surveys

By using customer surveys, you can determine if the customer experience your contact center provides is truly satisfying your customers.

IVR solution can help you solicit valuable input from customers at the end of their calls through IVR or email surveys, as an extension to conversations with your agents. A browser-based solution, Verint’s EFM IVR solution uses short, context-sensitive, dynamic customer surveys to capture data on products, processes, staff performance, and customer loyalty and satisfaction levels.

Through the use of context-based surveys, you can engage customers and deliver response rates far greater than those obtained through traditional, one-size-fits-all questionnaires. As a result, you can move beyond mere sampling to capture meaningful data, even with large numbers of customers and multiple sites.

Call Recording

Recording systems handle the process of capturing the audio from all participants in the call, mixing it, storing it and creating an index that allows administrators to locate and review recordings. We being the major System Integrators and Partners of Large Enterprises in Recording Solutions you can experience large variety of solutions and deployments in traditional TDM, IP, mixed telephony, and mobile phone environments, One stop solution for all your business needs”

Following are some of the major features offered by our Recording Products:

  • Call recording and call archiving rules Flexibility
  • Support for TDM and VOIP environments in Telephony
  • Record calls at any location
  • Scalable architecture for adapting to future call recording capacity needs
  • Call recordings access from any location
  • Complete Redundancy Solution for business continuity
  • End-to-end media encryption, strong authentication and server hardening for data security

Speech Aanlytics

What Speech Analytics can do for you?

Speech Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you to analyze millions of calls and extract critical business values to optimize customer experience, sales, collections, retention and revenue. Quantified data captured through voice of customer analytics can help you to perform:

  • Call Driver Analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Compliance Assurance, Script Adherence
  • Predictive churn Analysis
  • Handle time analysis
  • Customer sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor offer Analysis
  • Repeat Call analysis
  • FCR (First call resolution) Analysis
  • Customer Retention Analysis