Your Business needs a VoIP Solution, understand why?

Your Business needs a VoIP Solution, understand why?

Benefits of VoIP to Businesses of Different Sizes

Your Business needs a VoIP Solution, understand why?

VoIP is a technology that allows any type of business to communicate with people. Interestingly, the phone connection happens through an appropriate internet connection. This can happen through traditional landlines too. Incidentally, VoIP solutions offer a great deal of support in terms of cost reduction and incredible business productivity. While there are many advantages VoIP has to offer, many organizations have opted for the technology as a backup for their traditional phone connection earlier. As the days passed by, the companies started leveraging on the same for better business performance. In fact, the VoIP connection that was treated as a plan B has started becoming the prime mode of communication.

Another interesting factor that makes the VoIP communication systems a big hit; the technology can support businesses of any type and size. Be it a large-sized organization or a petty business, the value VoIP offers is immaculate. Though the price factor means a lot to the organization, VoIP reduces the cost to a large extent, but the business enhancement factors are the ones that have taken the upper hand in recent times.

This article shall help you understand how VoIP shall help your business from different angles. Let us first see the support it offers to different companies in terms of sizes. As you understand the usage of VoIP for the size of the business you have, let us see some of the industry sectors in detail.

Benefits of VoIP to Businesses of Different Sizes

For our understanding let us divide this column into three categories. Large-Sized, Medium-Sized, and Small-Sized companies. If you have confusion as to what category does your business falls, the legend below can give you the clarity

Large Sized Companies: The companies that have more than 1000 employees and have business operations happening in different locations across the globe.

Medium-Sized Companies: The companies that have employee strength between 100 to 900. These companies might have different facilities locally as well as internationally.

Small Sized Companies: These are companies with minimal manpower. Anywhere between 2 to 99.

VoIP solutions in the UK can support any of the business sizes. In fact, the word ‘support’ is inferior as the business prospects that you can leverage and increase the revenue margin are massive. More importantly, the cost that you had previously incurred using the conventional phone connection can be used for business investments too.

How Does VoIP help Companies of Different Sizes?

Benefits of VoIP to Businesses of different sizes

Large Sized Companies: VoIP is an excellent source of communication for companies that has more employees and many facilities in different locations. Say, for example, the Grandstream UCM series is an excellent option in this regard. With an incredible voice and data connection, Grandstream helps in running the business smoothly. There is no gap that the VoIP solution leaves out. The IP phones that the employees get to use are pretty easy to configure and use. The complete PBX solution offered by UCM makes it a commendable communication system for companies.

The Grandstream UCM series offers a wide range of subscription plans. You shall get IP phone handsets along with the connection. Of course, the number of handsets differs depending on the subscription plan. From 5 to 20. You may also get additional GXP1625 handsets by paying a minimal price. The durability of the handset and highly reliable SIP trunk lines makes it a wise investment for any large-sized company. DBSL Online also offers customized packages depending on your requirement too.

The HD quality voice and video offered by Grandstream is pretty affordable. Further, the UCM series offers a lot more than just a phone connection. You shall get mobile apps and employees can get mobility options conveniently. That means to say, they can use the business phone even on the go. The excellent blend of PBX, mobile applications, and video conferencing facilities makes it an affordable option for any type of industry. Moreover, the UCM series offers CCTV solutions for the companies too. You can understand that Grandstream UCM which works with VoIP not only provides a Communication system but also an overall business security system too.

You can get to watch the proceedings on the office premises with just one click. At the same time, if you have different facilities for your company, you can stay connected at no additional cost as well. Setting up the VoIP connection at a different location can come under the same subscription plan. This means to say, you have one subscription and multiple connections established across the globe. The setup shall remain the same and all you require is the internet connection.

Apart from excellent mobility options, the UCM series gives excellent control over voice mail and faxes too. Yes, you can send and receive voice mail and faxes to your email as well. One of the interesting factors about the UCM series is, you can scale from 2 to 2000 users without any additional cost.

Mid-Sized Companies: Cloud PBX systems are the major attraction for Mid-sized companies. Regardless of the locations, you may have across the world, the cloud PBX system offers an unparalleled communication system for a very low cost. The best aspect about VoIP connection is, it not only offers an incredible communication system, but it also offers business-enhancement features that you can leverage. As such, a VoIP connection can bring a whole lot of difference in the quality of the voice as well as video calls. The voice calls are of HD quality and the video conferencing facility, which shall be an additional feature in the traditional phone system, comes within the package. Further, the call recording feature that the phone sets have, shall help you store the conversation on the cloud for further analysis. Especially, if you want a call monitoring system, the subscription plan shall help you get the Call Data pretty easily. This is indeed a feature that you need to purchase as a separate product or a service, whereas VoIP offers it as a single component.

More importantly, business analytics can also help drive your sales incredibly well. This feature is an additional service but has a great impact on your business development. Be it the CDR or the customer data, you can procure it very easily. The accuracy of the data is commendable too. Such data shall help you make well-informed decisions and thrive well in your business. Further, the option to get multiple phone numbers with the same connection makes it more versatile. The auto call attendant service that the VoIP solution has does not miss out on any customers. The customer frustration being the prime reason for the business decline, you can keep the spirits of the customers relatively high and leverage on the same. Interestingly, the call shall get automatically distributed to the free agents making it an instant connect too. Also, the business processes like auto attendance of the employees, employee productivity, and performance factors can be monitored without much effort.

The main reason the mid-sized companies opt for VoIP connection is the blend of cost reduction and reduced effort towards unproductive tasks. Yours being a developing company, the need to focus on the core business idea must be the pivot behind the success. If you begin to use VoIP, such unproductive tasks can be automated. This reduces the distraction and the focus shall lie on the core business objectives.

The VoIP subscription usually comes with state-of-the-art hardware too. DBSL helps you with incredible IP-based handsets that work with long-lasting support. Say, Grandstream GRP_2615 ITSP is an excellent IP Phone with incredible features. Be it the Wifi availability or the BlueTooth support, the device is an excellent addition to your VoIP kitty. The sleep design and durable IP phone are most sought after in recent times. The requirement of the Grandstream Device Management System is inevitable, but the facility offers a whole new outlook towards your business. You can set this as a centralized interface and provide a phone connection using this as the source. That’s the reason, Wifi and BlueTooth help you a lot. The Grandstream endpoints can be established for smooth and seamless connectivity too.

Small Sized Companies: VoIP is versatile that it is of greater help to any industry or any size. Even if you have a small-sized company with minimal manpower, VoIP has excellent features that can aid your business in several ways. Firstly, the hardware itself is affordable. Secondly, the reliability of the connection is impeccable. Lastly, you can scale up the connection anytime you want. As a company, your main outlook is to focus on the business objectives. This shall help you grow well in the future. Of course, you will have your business enhancement strategies set. VoIP acts as a catalyst to develop your business at a rapid pace.

Well, cost reduction being the main aspect for many start-ups to decline soon, VoIP shall help save a lot of money. At the same time, marketing strategies require a lot of support in terms of external as well as internal communication. With excellent quality video and audio call connections, you can leverage the same to build your business to incredible heights. You can reduce your travel timings to the client’s place with the video conferencing services. You can indeed use the same analog lines, all you need is a VoIP adaptor. Grandstream HT_ 802  is one of the telephone adaptors that can connect up to 2 IP phones and give a delectable calling experience. The compact size device helps convert the analog telephone signals to digital. You can indeed use the same analog phone to have completely digital VoIP calls. This means to say, you need not discard any of your existing phones. All you need is an ATA and DBSL gives that at cost-effective price plans.

The high-quality network solution offers a lot of versatility to your phone communication. You can use your mobile phones for business and there is no need for you to take calls only when you are at your work desk. Further, the automatic call transfer service transfers the call to the next available person who is free. This allows your business to stay ahead of the competition by attending the customer calls without any interruption.

Another excellent factor about the VoIP connection is, you can expand your business to any location without spending any extra phone connections. Each phone line can have multiple phone numbers and the same technological advantage can be used to connect with different facilities across. Further, the multitasking of the employees considerably increases too. The general services like call transfer, call waiting, and forwarding comes at an additional cost with the traditional phone connection, all these come as a package with no additional licensing fee.

Another interesting factor is, the VoIP connection is highly reliable. There cannot be any trouble with the communication system unless there is an internet shutdown. Even then, keeping an alternate internet connection does not hamper the communication channel at all. Further, the troubleshooting methods are very simple and you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all. More importantly, there is always remote support from DBSL to help you in your trouble.

Keeping this in mind, let us see how some of the industry sectors can benefit from using VoIP connection as the prime source of communication.

Retail Business: Proficient use of technology is the need of the hour. Retailers have already started taking advantage of the VoIP systems by using them in their day-to-day operations. The appropriate use of communication channels to cater to the needs of the customers is an inevitable task to stay ahead of the competition. With state-of-the-art technology and delectable hardware components, VoIP shall offer you the edge conveniently.

VoIP Solutions for Retail Business

Perhaps, if you were thinking about the cost, there is no hardware infrastructure required to set up. There are no physical phone lines too, meaning, no investment cost. All you require is an internet connection that can enable VoIP to function. In fact, you can use your existing analog phone too. With the help of an adaptor, you can convert the same analog phone to receive and make calls. The trouble of telecommunication costs will not haunt you. As the server set up is made and maintained in the cloud. Further, the requirement of any support internally to manage the calls is not required too. Being a VoIP subscriber, service providers like DBSL offer support remotely as well.

DBSL is acclaimed as the top-class VoIP service provider across the UK. The quality of services offered and the technology in place give you cost-effective telecommunication solutions, especially the retail businesses are thriving multifold by using such technology. In fact, VoIP has started becoming the right alternative for traditional phone systems.

As a retailer, customer and their satisfaction matter the most. This shall help enhance the business prospects drastically. One major reason why the retail businesses decline is because of a lack of qualified customer support. As we say this, it is not about the skill of the callers or the agents, but the lack of infrastructure to answer all the calls. Especially, if you are operating in prime regions in the UK and the population is more, any digital marketing campaign would invite a surge of calls to your organization. The human tendency is to believe in verbal words than a Facebook Ad. Yes, the Ad has attracted them, thus the action has taken place in the form of a phone call. Numerous calls on similar lines and others require a power-packed infrastructure, which only the VoIP can offer. Even otherwise, you can set up a calling unit to attend the phone calls. It shall not work out as effectively as the VoIP system because of the cost involved.

Let us dig deep and see where the traditional phone system is costly in such cases. If you need a calling unit to be set up, be it a minimal 10 member customer support wing, you require massive server set up. The infrastructure in the form of network lines and internal communication lines turns out to be a lot expensive. Also, the maintenance costs in keeping the network intact add to the cost as well. At the same time, 10 agents taking calls where more than 1 million population is highly doubtful. They shall be drained of energy and the need to increase the manpower adds to the cost too. Not only on the employee salary, but the requirement to scale up calling units also invites more cost. It gets too complicated as the member count increases in the calling wing. Complicated in terms of process, in terms of money and energy too. The irony is, though we spend a large amount of money, the possibility of customers not reaching the agent on time frustrates them. This shall lead the customers to go away from the brand to look for another one that is convenient for them. The efforts out in digital marketing are not finding the desired results, because of technical challenges with the traditional phone system.

Using Grandstream GXW4216 can easily set up 48 different phone connections with the same number. The IP devices can be connected to the VoIP Gateways which is the only hardware requirement at the office. Rest others are virtually making it an investment-free option in terms of infrastructure cost. With the help of the IPPBX system, you can set up the calling unit in the same location or multiple locations too. In fact, one can go mobile using this service given by DBSL. The best part is, this gateway is easily interoperable with analog devices too. This means to say, you need not purchase more hardware if you already have phone sets in place. The device handles a high volume of calls and the auto attendant feature in the VoIP shall not allow the customer to get frustrated and engages them conveniently. Further, the IVR that is already available shall also engage the customer while the internal auto-transfer system shall transfer the call to the next available agent. All these aspects are automated and come under one package. This helps save a lot of costs too.

Further, all the required call center solutions are also available within the subscription. You can also further customize the plan by discussing the same with the DBSL professionals. Also, the cost that is incurred is for the services you use, and not even a single service is charged if left unused. In fact, most of the add-on features come as a package and you can mix and match the same based on your business requirement. A few may need a call barging system but a few may not need the same. In such cases, you can opt-out of that feature and add a significant one that your business requires.

You can also set the same set up remotely and still use the local phone numbers too. This is one of the flexible reasons why retail businesses go for VoIP connections. Another best part is, you can start with a few agents and increase the number of the need arises. That makes the scalable option also cost-effective. Being a retailer, you will never miss out on any customer who reaches out to you. You can also get the call record data and the analytics behind it so that you can make well-informed decisions. Business decisions require strong reasons and those reasons are in the form of numbers that shall be represented pretty clearly for further action.

Software Business: Now is the time many software developing and maintaining companies sprout. With Blockchain and AI coming into place, the need for incredible technology to connect with clients becomes inevitable. VoIP offers the best of services to software companies. The best part is, there is minimal to NO downtime. This makes VoIP the most reliable telecommunication system of all. The opportunity to link all the communication channels to one source is possible only with VoIP technology. The unified communication has made the communication channels transparent and error-free too. More importantly, the need for connecting with different vendors for different features is limited. There can be just one vendor and that is the one who sets the VoIP telephony system in place.

VoIP Solutions for Software Business


The server shall be in the cloud and the calls, as well as the emails, come under the same internet connection. This makes the system highly reliable as the downtime is close to nothing in using the SIP-based phone connections. Further, even if there is a tech glitch and the internet seems not to work, you can quickly shift to the alternate internet source for the communication channels to stay intact. As a software company, you may have different facilities in different parts of the country or the world. In such cases, connecting with your employees at zero cost is done only through VoIP. The video conferencing services and multiple audio conferencing features is of no cost, which is otherwise charged too much if traditional phone systems are used. In fact, the conventional hardwired phone connection providers, treat the video and audio conference as a new feature and you shall be charged separately for the same. This is not the case with VoIP systems. You have to find a suitable subscription plan for your business requirements and start paying just one bill every year or the time frame that you have decided with the vendor. Every subscription comes with a series of features. It includes even the handsets which are IP phones. You also have video and audio conferencing as features which ideally comes with no cost.

Optimizing business networking and enhancing business prospects can happen pretty easily. The centralized management system offers a wide range of benefits to the companies. You can increase employee productivity using VoIP. Similarly, if your employees are working from home, offer them a wide range of services and connect with them easily without any hassle. VoIP makes the employees go mobile easily. The marketing team can carry the business phone around anywhere and still stay connected to the office. All they need is an internet connection and no client calls shall be missed.

While there are companies that work in a core facility, there are many software companies that look to expand geographically. This is easy with VoIP as it requires no installation charges or effort to set up the communication system. You can just scale up the connections without adding to the cost factor.

Your Business indeed needs a VoIP connection, the reasons in a snapshot below

  1. A highly delectable move towards a centralized call managing system. You can convert voice and data to one network and end up paying just one bill in a year.
  2. The unnecessary cost factors are avoided thus making the entire communication channel transparent and error-free
  3. The features can be scaled up or down based on your requirement.
  4. The company does not require any tech-savvy professionals to take care of the technology backed VoIP connection
  5. Business productivity increases and VoIP offers security features that no other telecommunication system has offered to date.

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